What Makes a Smoker’s Lungs Turn Black

What exactly turn the lungs black when you smoke. Cigarettes are not made of tobacco leaves only but of many other ingredients used and one in particular called TAR which is more than enough to turn the lungs black.

Black or grey, dull, unhealthy, dry and ugly looking. That’s the state of the smoker’s lungs unfortunately. The smoke that is inhaled and the pleasure derived from it do not have the same effect on the lungs, unfortunately. Instead they cause great damage to them and lead to all sorts of diseases and the death of the individual. Thanks God they are inside, if they were exposed, the smokers lungs would frighten people, specially kids, besides those “human air pumps” would stink. Smokers lungs turn black due to the many ingredients used in the manufacture of cigarettes and one in particularly called TAR.

TAR is that brown toxic chemical used when cigarettes are manufactured. It is that brown residue left behind in the cigarette butt, responsible to stain the fingers and the teeth. That’s not only the damage, it travels to the lungs and continue the filthy job there.

People are wrong to think that cigarettes are made of dried tobacco leaves only. That’s not the case. I always hear people saying that cigarettes are manufactured using several toxic ingredients. By simple coincidence, I fell on an article in a British magazine a few years ago where a former tobacco worker explained how cigarettes are made and what are the ingredients used. Believe me they are deadly. Those are confirmed on the Phillip Morris Website. You can check it out. Sadly those are stuff which you and I don’t hear in the everyday news

In brief, if I can remember some of the ingredients used are: ammonia, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic… Those ingredients are also addictive that’s what make it difficult for long time smokers to quit cigarette. It’s a form of enslavement and demands very strong will for many people to stop.

Those ingredients when mixed up and burnt, allow the nicotine to turn into vapour which are easily absorbed by the lungs. The vapour carries with it TAR which wraps all the chemical toxic or poison and get stuck in the cilia and thus turns the lungs black.

CILIA- What is Cilia


 “Cilia is Latin for “eyelash.” Common in single-cell organisms, this hair-like structures wave to move a cell around, or to move something around the cell. Some tissues in the human body also have cilia.

In the body, cilia are responsible for protecting a person from germs in the lungs and for pushing an ovum down the fallopian tube, among other tasks. Similar to cilia, flagella are longer such hairs, usually found in ones or twos, such as the “tail” of a sperm. They share many characteristics with cilia, but they also occur on prokaryotes, which are organisms with cells that do not contain a nucleus




This not to hurt or criticise you but to awake you for your own benefit. If you think that it is difficult (Well it’s not easy) then meditate those verses:

Philippians 4:13 

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.




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