What’s Draining Out of Your Skin?

Clear liquid is coming out of your skin. What is it and what can you do about it?

Sometimes, when you scratch your skin too hard or there is a lot of abrasion on scar tissue, the skin will leak a clear or yellowish liquid. It seems to come out of the pores, and when it dries, it crusts over in gelled, yellow form. What is this substance? It could be one of two things: Plasma or lymph drainage.

Plasma is an important part of your blood. Sometimes, if you scratch yourself too hard, it does not bleed, but clear liquid comes out. This is plasma, a clear feature of the bloodstream. Plasma acts kind of like a glue and it seals wounds up pretty well. It also keeps infection from entering in. The blood cells “swim” in it when the bloodstream is moving through your system.

Though plasma is good and fine, it is important to not allow to continually leave your body. Scraping plasma off of your skin will produce wet, open ducts underneath which continue to drain out plasma. Keep the affected area covered and warm, and preferably wet, for long periods of time. This allows the plasma to set, the skin to return to normal composition, and the skin to stop leaking.

Lymph drainage is a second option. Your lymphatic system is set in place to carry heavy toxins from your tissues to your elimination system. Your lymph system has a kind of “gelled suspension” liquid which allows the toxins to travel without harming your body in the process. Sometimes, in the case of massage or leg waxing, a deep tunnel is temporarily made from the surface of the skin down to the lymphatic system. This can especially happen on your inner legs and sides of your torso about three or four inches below the arms. Lymph will drain out, ridding your body of the unwanted toxicity. This is, however, a rather unnatural method to achieve lymph drainage.

One of the best ways to drain your lymph is to get hot towels or washcloths which have been soaked in boiling hot water and then squeezed out almost dry, and to wrap your legs with them or to lie on your back on top of them. This creates a nice, wet vacuum between the towel and skin, which allows your tissues and lymph to drain into the wet towel. Do not move, and keep the towels on for about two hours. When you get up, shower in hot water, finishing with an icy cold rinse to close your pores.

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  1. I believe I have a problem like this with plasma seeping through my skin. I used to donate plasma 3 times a week for about a year and 3 months after I stopped the donations, small bumps started appearing around my feet and hands, in symetrical patterns from one side to the next. These small bumps leak amber like fluid and don’t generaly stop leaking, from time to time they crust over into a sticky crystal like scab but start leaking again shortly after in which the bumbs drip uncontrolably. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year now and have never found anything about it and can’t afford to get it seen by a proper docter, since emergency room doctors confuse it for scabies which i’ve been treated for and has never worked.

  2. I have same problem like this with plasma seeping through my is happening on my nose some plasma like fluid comes out from skin pores when it dries it forms crystal ,when that crystal is removed again plasma like fluid starts leaking.i even showed doctor he thinks its acne ,those drug didn\’t cure it.this problem is from 7 months and still this persist…please help me ..please tell me treatment….

  3. I am having the same problem I am 55 years old and I have had this for 5months.I have been to several Doctors and no medicine will help.I have spent over 1000.00 just in meds.

  4. i suffer from this a few times and have always been given anti-biotics called penicillin v…..within a day of taking these tablets the liquid stops…..the longest i had it leak was 4 weeks kept thinking was going to stop but didnt but each time i took tablets its has stopped so ask for penicillin v….there round white tablets good luck guys

  5. guys i forgot to mention if u want to try healin without anti-biotics you need to keep the area warm and dry so buy these plaster called mepilex border with safetac size 10×12.5 or smaller there 5 in a box there a self-adherent soft silicone foam dressing that keep the skin warm dry and keep bacteria/germs out….and try to keep your legs raised as much as you can,hope this helps guys good luck

  6. Hello guys I got a rash on my face it started doing the same thing linking clear fluid and I do have lyphedema in my leg but this new to me thanks for everyone input.


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