When Your Man Suffers From Morning Sickness!!!

What causes morning sickness in pregnant women? Unknown to many women, morning sickness affects men too, and not just pregnant men, or men whose wives are pregnant but it may affect young men and boys who are nowhere near marriage leave alone pregnancy. Men suffer from morning sickness too, and its no joke!

Now, morning sickness is no joke. Those who have been pregnant before will appreciate the agony of morning sickness which words alone may not conclusively express. It’s not a disorder that will last for a day or two, but a kind of sickness that may last the entire pregnancy from conception to parturition. Unknown to many women, men do suffer from morning sickness too and it is agonizing for them as well if not more than it does to the woman.

What causes Morning sickness?

The main cause of morning sickness is a rise in the concentration of two major hormones during pregnancy: the hormones Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Estrogen. Unknown to most people these hormones are not exclusive to women, and I repeat, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Estrogen are not exclusive to women!

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is essential in the synthesis of sperms and stimulates the interstitial cells of leydig to synthesize testosterone. If the same hormone is responsible for morning sickness in females, why not in males!

Signs and symptoms of morning sickness

Morning sickness is a collection of signs and symptoms that affect more than half of all pregnant women especially in the mornings during the first trimester. These symptoms include nausea, incessant vomiting, and persistent headache and also fever. Other signs and symptoms of morning sickness include indigestion, weight gain, constipation, diarrhea, headaches and toothaches. There can also be an increase or decrease in appetite, mood swings, itchy skin and insomnia.

Morning sickness signs and symptoms have for long been presented in some men whose wives are pregnant, meaning they too could be having it at the same time. Unlike pregnant women whose morning sickness is mainly confined to the first trimester and reduces in severity as the pregnancy progresses, men who suffer morning sickness may never know peace irrespective of the gestational status of their wives.

Some younger men and even boys have also been reported to suffer from morning sickness!

How to control morning sickness in you and your man

 Ginger ale, ginger tea and ginger capsules are an amazing remedy for morning sickness. Also useful in controlling morning sickness are salted crackers made from potatoes and other carbohydrates, eating, sucking and sniffing lemon and also using vitamin B6.

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  1. Very useful information here doc. I am surprised Triond published this picture. For those men who are suffering from morning sickness, they just need a little bit more of tender love and affection from their wife. If he is not getting this from his wife, then he will go find it somewhere else.

  2. ha ha ha ha YES, Leo I laugh ha ha…. I suffered it big Time ended up getting sent for tests for ulcers ha ha…. my wife had been on the jack n jill for 3 years, my sister who was home from Canada at the Time had been on the jack n jill 10 years,
    I had been dying for over a month…. when I said to my three sisters, and my wife at a night out are you all sure none of you are pregnant??? they all laughed ha ha ha what a doze of hysterics…. I had the next month, when all was revealed wife, and sister both pregnant at the same time, same month ha ha ha

    ” it was a lovely baby girl…. who is still a lovely girl, just not that good to the old man ha ha but that’s ok I know she loves me as I her but she lives 60 yards from my ex.”

  3. Thanks Matt, I have that sort of experience too, believe me. Thanks love doc for the comment.

  4. This is very interesting. I have never dealt with morning sickness since I don’t have children yet. I remember seeing a rerun of a show where the man had morning sickness as well as the wife.

  5. I had never heard of men getting morning sickness before i read this.. so it is true that you learn something every day.


  6. haha wow

  7. I have never know a man to suffer morning sickness when his wife is pregnant.

  8. Very interesting info, like others I never thought that can happen.

  9. Do you really think this happens? I suppose stranger things have happened.

  10. Before reading this article, I don’t know men and even boys may suffer from this sickness. Learn new things. Thanks!

  11. Morning sickness and men…that\’s interesting. I\’ve never heard of this. I was under the impression only pregnant ladies suffer from morning sickness. Excellent share.

  12. Since you have analysed the causes it is believable it may happen to men.

  13. This is new information for me. I feel sorry for those men who go through it with nothing to show at the end, lol.


  14. I did not know this stuff. Thanks for sharing the info. I wouldn’t even think that we, men, can also suffer from morning sickness.

  15. I don’t know men also having this morning sickless, very strange, they seem to be influenced by women, so your article earlier abotu men give birth, may one day happen, just kidding.
    very interesting topic.

  16. This is about what happens everyday.

  17. I believe it. I think it’s when there is a strong relationship that it happens. My hubby insists that he feels any pain I may have because he rubs the spot that is hurting me without me telling him & sometimes I have a pain for no reason where he is hurting, so why not morning sickness.

  18. Wonderful revelation Leo.

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