Why Do Men Want to Sleep After Sex?

About the reasons that men feel the need to sleep after sex, and why this happens to men more than women.

Sex can be a lot of work. However, the amount of work expended during sex by either the man or the woman does not account for the fatigue and drowsiness that follows intercourse. While both partners experience this phenomenon, men definitely have the bigger dose of tired than most women. The common notion is that women want to have conversation and personal bonding time after sex. Men want to snore. Unfortunately, this is all too true.

Men often do more of the exertion during intercourse, but not always.

For most couples, the man usually does the lion’s share of the physical labor during intercourse the majority of the time. It does not mean that women are always passive during sex. However, it is common for men to give and women receive the action as lovemaking progresses.

This extra amount of work can account for some of difference in the levels of fatigue between a man and a woman after sex. The problem with this idea is that very few people men or women are ready to lay down and take a nap within 5 minutes of vigorous exercise. Even when the woman decides to be the aggressor and do most of the work, it is still the man that wants to nod off first.

If it is not fatigue, what accounts for the need to sleep after sex?

Another possibility lies in the fact that sex is a known stress reliever. This means that sex has the ability to relax a person like a sedative. This can be a result of the exertion. Exercise alone will relieve a considerable amount of stress. Even a good brisk walk can reduce stress levels by a huge amount. When stress is lowered, people can relax and sleep is much easier to attain. This still does not solve the problem that people do not come in from a long walk and immediately hit the hay.

Sex causes the release of hormones that affect a person’s sense of the need to rest and sleep.

A whole assortment of hormones are released in much higher levels after intercourse than after a good meal or the let down after a stressful day. Not only that, these hormones are released in higher levels in men than in women. Most of these hormones are designed to counter the release of adrenaline and other stimulating hormones that account for heightened sexual desire and performance.

Nature may be causing the man to rest at a time when his reproductive capacity is compromised.

It may be that nature has designed this to keep the man from pursuing other partners immediately after sex when his ability to reproduce is lowered. This also allows his body to begin producing more sperm for future mating encounters. Since women are only able to get pregnant once after sex, it is not as necessary to protect their reproductive capacity in the short run. On the other hand, the same hormones that make men want to sleep often produce a feeling of contentment and relaxation in women.

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  1. man has to do a lot of work

  2. The woman has to do just as much work as the man so dont be pitying men without knowing the story behind a woman’s perspective.

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