Why It is Bad to Eat Late at Night

Problems associated with eating late at night.

It’s the worst thing to do! Eating at night just before going to bed. Having suffered from an acute gastric in the past I used the doctor’s advice as an excuse to eat late at night before going to bed. According to his medical advice, I was supposed to eat small meals several times instead of three meals a day to avoid cravings and pains, moreover it was better to do it that way because of the pills I was taking. After treatment even when I was healed I still kept eating late to avoid stomach pain in the middle of the night.

For several years I have done that and experienced cravings every morning at 5am. The craving was so painful that the only relief was to run to the kitchen to eat something. It became a habit to have food at 5 o’clock in the morning to relief stomach pain.

Then one day I simply decided to have dinner at 6pm and went to bed as usual at night. The next morning I woke up healthier and was quite surprised to see that I did not have any craving. “That was not normal” I thought as I was so used to the pain in the morning. That night I had my dinner again at 6pm and experienced the same healthy effect the next morning.

I realised that I was doing a wrong thing to eat late at night. All the bloated feeling, tiredness, heaviness I experienced was due to the fact that I was eating late at night because all this disappeared and I was healthier.

Food is good and tasty but it might be harmful also if we choose to eat at the wrong time.

Reasons why we should not eat late at night.

One common problem associated with eating late at night is indigestion. The digestion process is slow and the enzymes cannot properly break down food so it remains in the stomach and produce acidity. Too much acidity in the stomach rots the food, we then experience bloated feeling and gas. It’s worst when we eat fatty food which is hard to break down, we burp and fart causing discomfort to ourselves, sometimes it’s so bad that we end up throwing up.

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  1. damn, you are right,,good sharing,,

  2. wow its like 4 AM and i just ate like 5 hot dogs and this is so true cuz my stomach is grouling and bubbling and i feel gassy at this moment. Its a good thing i read this now i wont eat late at night thanks

  3. Hi
    I have IBS and no matter what I eat pain and bloating is always the result, I also have acid reflux from time to time, this I can relieve simply by drinking cold water, it’s as if the water actually washes away the rising acid.

    I too like many eat little during the day and never eat breakfast, I also eat late at night, do you think changing my eating habits would relieve my IBS ?

    Regards Trevor

  4. Hi Trevor,

    Im sorry to answer late. Definitely you should change your eating habit. Try to have proper time to eat. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Or make it meals. Eat a good breakfast. Cereal, toast, coffee and a light snack or a fruit around three o’clock and then then a light dinner around 7pm. Try it and see how it works for you.

  5. You made some good points but your English is so bad I couldn\’t really make it out.

  6. Answer to Anon,

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t bother too much that my english is bad. I humbly say that I am still learning to improve like everyone does. “Practice makes perfect” and I don’t give up.

    May be you werre born with professionalism already. You were already an expert. GOOD FOR YOU

    I would be glad then if you could teach me some english.

    May be you are an expert!!!

    Besides why do you hide to say that. “Show up” and teach me some english dear professional.

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