Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Stop Talking

Girls differently from boys. That is clear. If a guy mo to the toilet, he usually went there a clear purpose and goal, namely waste water (large or small do not have to be discussed Yau!)

Girls differently from boys. That is clear. If a guy mo to the toilet, he usually went there a clear purpose and goal, namely waste water (large or small do not have to be discussed Yau!)

But the girl to the toilet in addition to the main purpose, no other purpose could aja, because mo talking or girl friend want to confide in each other (especially nyurhatin about the idol of the heart, it is the only place where the pH can not follow through). So do not be surprised if girls often invites, invites another girl to the toilet if mo. Try if all of a sudden Bang Darman said gini to Heri, “Her, I mo to the toilet, go yuk? ‘ What is not going to look like the mudikans filmed …

Most of the guys like to dominate the TV remote control and mutually ad channel fit again ‘but it’s okay girl tuh if watching the ads.

If stress, girl nyari chocolate and go shopping: If a guy stress, which would immediately ngepul ngerokok smoke, if not it could be angry or even diem wrote.

“Men are less sensitive, do not give attention, if we again do not listen to talk, not warm, like diem aja, no plasticity unfortunately, did not dare to have a commitment!”

 ”That girl can drive rarely, if read maps like one, rather confused myself again no where, if can not stop talking, so dont already mean mo ketauan say what, I could read his mind emangnya”

Sounds familiar do not you? A lot of boy-girl relationships are so complicated because guys do not know why she’s his way of thinking can not like boys, and girls expect guys to understand the mindset of a girl. Well, departing from the frustrated girl’s relations guy in this modern era, I – uh wrong – that a husband and wife Allan & Barbara Pease gather research from around the world and are summarized in their book titled, “Why Men Don ‘ Listen & Women Can not Read Map “. But, upon the recommendation of my friend – happened to a guy – this article’s title was changed to “Why Men Do not Listen & Women Can not Stop Talking”.

The core of the book is that the guys and girls that actually have evolved physically, but still took the habit of ancient boy-girl. Fit bloke primeval hunting, girls living in a cave. Protect boys, girls take care of the child. As a result, the body and the brain was developed to follow this ancient practice. Over millions of years, guys and girls in brain structure continue to change the way each one. We come to modern times, where it turns out that men and women differ in information processing that goes into his brain. Way of thinking is different. The sense would be a different thing. Perceptions, priorities and behavior is also different. Butter in the refrigerator case in the world Every girl must have experienced this. The story begins with the guy standing in front of an open refrigerator …

Guy: “Where ya butter?”

Girl: “In the palace refrigerator”

Guy: “No tuh” – while celingak-celinguk to the palace refrigerator …

Girl: “Why can not there? From the first also put in the fridge”

Guy: “Where? Nothing. I’ve cari.Nggak tuh nothing in the fridge”

Continues eventually have to follow the girl into the kitchen, follow ngelongok to the refrigerator and … miraculously magic bin, holding his hand already shortening. What further comment from the guy?

 ”He put the light on it anyway … aja plasticity was not!”

This kind of incident happening again, when the guy looking for strawberry jam and did not find it. He just found a pineapple jam, strawberry jam but it was behind the pineapple jam …

Haiya, guys. Guys sometimes feel like the girls with the way they ngerjain ngumpetin items in drawers or closets. Whether it’s butter, jam, scissors, mobile phones, car keys, house keys, wallet – everything is still actually there. But somehow the eye can see the guy I think not.

Ya actually the reason is because women have a range of point of view larger than the boys. When measured from the nose, can reach 45? to the left-right-up-down, some even reaching 180?. So the girls can see the contents of your refrigerator or cupboard without moving his head. Seeing something while the guy if his brain to process more focused and as they look in the long tunnel. As a result, they can see the clear and accurate what is right in front of the eye and a greater distance, almost like Seeing through binoculars. Other studies have also revealed that the brains of men search for words or STRAWBERRY butter in the refrigerator. If the box or bottle butter selainya wrong direction, not already deh plasticity. So look around his head during the search continues for trying to find objects that ‘lost’ it. Actually there are other implications of this perspective is a big difference. With the perspective that is much larger than the boys, girls can ngelaba eyes without fear of getting caught. While if a boy, already accused or ketangkep definitely got wet again if his eyes darting.

The study revealed that: look in the eyes of the body-body girl guy as often, even more often, than the body-body ngeliatin guy girl. But, with the view that much more superior, women are rarely caught …

Why Girls Can Keep By? The girl brain structure, especially the ability to speak in front of the left hemisphere and a small portion in the right hemisphere. While for men, speech and language ability of the brain that it’s not critical. There was only the left brain and there is no specific area. So do not be surprised if seneng girl talk and a lot of discus normally anyway, because both sides of the brain is able to work at once. Guy’s brain compartmentalized and is able to sort out incoming information. In the evening, after a full day of activity, the guy can keep it all in his brain. While the brain does not work like that girl. receipt of information or issues that will continue to spin around in his brain. And this will not stop until he could unburden his mind, aka vent. Therefore, if girl talk, the goal is to remove uneg-unegnya, not for the conclusion or solution. Girls are also trying to build relationships through conversation. The average girl could speak 20 thousand words a day. While the guy is only about seven thousand words a day. This difference is clearly visible when the dinner hour arrived. Boy he had spent seven thousand and no mood for further talk. Inventory depends on the girl what he had done all day. If he had talked to other people that day, he would be a little talk. If he stayed home alone, she might have to use three thousand words. There are still 17 thousand more!

Guy can only do one thing at a time! All existing research found that more boys terspesialiasi brain, divided. Man brain develops so that they can only concentrate on one specific thing at a time, so often they say they can ngerjain all but ‘one on one donk’. If a guy minggirin car to read maps, usually he would also ngecilin the radio or tape. Many women are confused as to why. It can read a map while denger aja and talk radio. Why do guys insist ngecilin TV sound if there is a phone? Or sometimes confused girl like “If he again read a newspaper or watching TV, why can not she had denger I say?”

The answer is because the little network that connects the left and right brain guy, so if a guy is to read the newspaper or watching TV in his brain scans, we’ll know right away that she had gone deaf.

While girls have brains that allow construction of girls do many things at once. Girls can do many things that did not relate at the same time, and never broke his brain, always active! Girls can talk on the phone, at the same time in the kitchen cooking and watching TV. Or he could be driving, grooming, listen to the radio and talking on a hands-free. Epe’s imagine that another aza pake his mobile phone kept laen while doing something (such as eating or cooking). If he could only do one thing at a time, my bad, could be on fire once, I’ll continue to work just a phone call dong, he he.

As with the boys, this incident never happened as well. Boy emang already starving and he ate greedily at the dinner table. Well, it happened on the table a few days a letter was sent to every resident lat. Boy as he ate, his hand opening the envelope, that want to eat while reading his letter … but what is happening, it’s the wrong guy to open the letter, he opened another letter, he he he, dah was really evident if “Man can not do more than one task at the same time”. But because girls can wear two sides of his brain at the same time, many women are confused ngebedain right from left. Approximately 50% of women can not directly pointed at where the where the right and left when asked. But boys can directly identify the right from left. As a result, women are often told them dimarahin belokin guy because his car to the right – when they actually meant was turning left.

Strategy ‘Shoes Blue or Gold’ Once Bambang and Fenny was getting ready to go to a party. Fenny just had to buy new clothes and beautiful really want to plasticity. He was holding two pairs of shoes, a pair of blue, a pair of gold color. Then he asked to Bambang, the question most ditakutin guy,

 ”Bang, which must Fenny pake with this suit you?” Keringet Bambang started out cold. He soon realized could appear wrong.

“Ahh … umm … which one do you like sweetheart wrote,” Yeah said Bambang.

“Come donk Bang,” said Fenny again, do not be impatient, “Which one is better plasticity … the blue or the gold?”

“I think the gold deh!” Bambang said, nervously.

“Just what is the blue one what?” Fenny demanded.

“You never used to emang of the blue like the same! I buy expensive and you do not like it, right?” Bambang dalem heart may already cranky

“If do not want denger opinion, why was Nanya!” Bambang had thought he was told to solve a problem, but when the problem was he completed, Fenny even Kesel. Fenny, though, is using the language of the typical girl aka cuman girls understand: the language is not a direct or indirect speech cool. Fenny actually already finish with mo pake and shoes which are not being asked for opinions; that he wanted was a confirmation of Bambang that she looks beautiful. Indeed, if say girls typically use indirect speech alias signaled what she really wants. The goal is to avoid conflict or confrontation can be established so that a harmonious relationship with each other. Indirect speech typically use words such as ‘I think’, ‘like’ and so on. When women use indirect speech to talk to another girl, there is never a problem. Another girl was sensitive enough to understand its true intentions. But, when used to talk to a guy, can be fatal. Boys use direct language or direct speech, and they take the true meaning of what others say. But in fact with a little patience and a lot of practice, guys and girls can really learn to understand each lain.Jadi return to the issue blue or gold shoes, what’s the solution for the guy? It is important for the guy to not give direct answers. When we re-wind situation before, Bambang should ask,

“You already chose which one, dear?” And the next answer is usually,

“Um … I think I can pake the gold ….”

because it is in fact already chose a gold Fenny. “Why is gold?” Bambang said, smiling cleverly. “Because I’ll pake gold accessories and my clothes have golden patterns,” he said Fenny. Bambang then be able to answer confidently,

 ”Wow! Choice fen tuh you good! You will be the most beautiful plasticity later!” Bambang guaranteed that night will be very happy.

Still remember how frustrated human right against another partner type? Nah but really in our hearts still need a couple tuh loh. Moreover, it is God himself once said, “is not good for man to be alone.” So in the course of human life continue to look for a partner who is best suited for him, so he could hold together in the long term alias lifetime …

Actually, what the hell do we want? In a survey involving over 15 thousand girls and boys ages 17-60 years, revealed what women want from a partner and long-termnya what guys think girls want.

A girl wants: Personality, Humor, Sensitivity, Versatility, good body

That guys think girls want: Personality, good body, Humor, Sensitivity, a handsome face. This study shows that the guy actually quite understand what the girls inginkan.Sekarang’s see what guys want and what women think men want.

The guy wants: personality, beautiful face, Skill, Humor, Body Good

The girls think guys want: a beautiful face, great body, big breasts, buttocks are ok.

Apparently girls do not know the criteria which the guys want a life partner. Girls make assumptions based on the behavior they see or hear about the guy, the guy whose eyes widened and his mouth open when they saw the body cewek.Daftar A is the short and long-term criteria of what women want from their partner. While for boys, the list D is what he was looking for the first time when he met with the girl, but long-term C list. So how donk? So it could be concluded if it’s boy-girl is the most unique creatures that God created, and need understanding from both parties to the communication and relationships can be eternal love. There are some specific tips on this one:

Make a Man: Make a comfortable environment when I’m pengenmesra-mesraan. Girls are sensitive to their environment and make it sensitive to the hormone estrogen which is rather dim cahaya.Ruangan make pupils smaller, so one could look more attractive and less skin-smooth skin or acne is not clearly visible. Hearing the sharp girl means to the right music. The place had to be clean, which is not easily interrupted others. Invite a boy to eat since ancient times has acted as foraging, it’s only natural to bring the girls went out to evoke feelings of a girl. Invite girls to dinner is a significant event for the girls, even though he is actually not laper or not belaga laper (my diet again!), Because the provision of food show a guy’s attention to the welfare and survival.

Bring bunga.Kebanyakan guys do not understand the power of a bunch of fresh flowers. They thought, “Why ngeluarin money for something that is going to die and be discarded within a few days?” More logical for a guy to give the tree in a pot because, with the attention and care, the tree of life – may even get lucky again! Such as selling mangoes, duren, etc.. But the girl did not see it like this – he want a bunch of fresh flowers as a sign that the guy got her attention. After several days, was the flower will die and be discarded, but it gives the guy a chance to buy a bunch more and give more attention to his girlfriend. Indirect speech Indirect language is part of the girls and to build relationships with girls, boys need to listen effectively, taking out a ’sound listened to’ like ‘O. .., “,” Well “, and the right body language. No need to give an opinion or solution, or look puzzled. If girls want to vent because I have a problem, a technique that should be used is to ask a guy, you want me to hear as a boy or a girl? “If he says the girl, aja listen and give moral support. If he says the guy, so-so offer some solutions .

Create a Girl: Do not interrupt when another guy say, If you want to communicate with the guy, do not interrupt the strategy jitunya is that he is speaking. This is actually very difficult for girls, because girls make-do way they build relationships with peers and show participation. Girls are also encouraged to steer the conversation to admire the guy with a broad knowledge or to make a guy feel important. Though the sentences are usually said to be a guy on a solution-oriented and he needs to finish the sentence, otherwise the talks would lose its meaning.

Direct language. In order to get attention from guys, tell what you want to talk about and when, in other words make the agenda. For example: “I want to talk with you about dealing with my boss at the office. Can we talk after dinner at 7 tonight?” It’s more exciting to a guy, make him feel appreciated! Silent or indirect use of language will only make him feel blamed and they become motivated defensif.Bagaimana guy? Girls usually use the word “may”, “You can call me tonight?” “Can you pick me?” This guy will be interpreted as a challenge if he can do it or not, but there is absolutely no commitments to melakukannya.Mereka sometimes feel manipulated and forced to answer “yes”. To motivate guys, use direct questions to get a commitment. For example, “Tonight I call you right?” requires a commitment for tonight and the boys had to answer “yes” or “no”.

 Guys do not like to be given advice. Guys need to feel that he is able to solve its own problems. Discuss issues with other people will burden the people. She will not even tell the problem with his friend, unless he thought his friend had a better solution. When the girls tried to make him tell the problem, the guy refused because he was seen as criticizing the attitude, or he feels that the girl was considered incompetent and he has a better solution than the guy. In reality, the intention is to make the girl feel better and was not a sign of weakness. So do not give advice to a guy unless requested. Let’s just say that you believe he can solve the problem.

Small note: Although the author of this girl, this article is written in a direct, no hidden intentions behind it. The names mentioned above are fictional, common name and the place is just coincidence. Its contents should not be considered 100% correct, especially the tips, because it all depends on the species of man – another girl approached. And any use of the word boy or girl means the guys and girls in general. If you feel not as described, should be grateful donk, it means you are unique compared to others.

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