Why The Us Can’t Have Universal Health Care

A short rant of why I think the US can’t have universal health care.

The reason I believe we can’t have universal health like France, Britain, Canada, and Cuba, is because our population is way too high.

We can’t have universal health care because all the fucking Asians and Mexicans that immigrate into our country. We accept all these people and tell them we have the best living conditions for them. Bull shit. Everyday you see a foreigner who is homeless. Go be homeless in your own goddamn country. All your doing is fucking up what us Americans could have.

The immigrants that do make it in our country are few and far between.

So all these immigrants are fucking up universal health care. How do you feel about that?

I mean come on for Christs sake, fucking Cuba has better and cheaper health care than we do, and they’re an island with little to no resources that is controlled by a fucking devil.

So come on America what do you think we should? 

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