Will Drinking Coffee Suppress Your Appetite?

When you drink a cup of coffee does it cause you to eat less? Find out more about coffee and whether it suppresses your appetite – and helps you lose weight.

Do you sip on a cup of coffee at the office hoping it’ll keep you from eating a cream-filled doughnut when the Dunkin Donut box is passed around? Many people do, believing that coffee suppresses appetite. Is there any truth to this?

Does Coffee Suppress Appetite?

There’s little official research looking at whether coffee suppresses appetite – and whether it’s the caffeine or some other component that makes you less likely to crave a cookie after sipping a cup of java. According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking coffee reduces your urge to snack for short periods of time, which is a plus. On the downside, drinking too much coffee could work against you longer term.

The caffeine in coffee slightly boosts metabolism for short periods of time, and it gives you more stamina if you drink it before exercising. This means you’ll exercise a little harder or longer – and burn more calories. On the other hand, caffeine also causes the adrenal cortex to release more of the stress hormone, cortisol, which stimulates the appetite, increases cravings for high-carb foods and contributes to abdominal weight gain. So the long-term effects of drinking coffee to suppress appetite may not be so rosy.

The Right Way to Use Coffee to Suppress Appetite

Choosing a cup of coffee over a pastry when the doughnut cart rolls around is a smart choice, but it’s better to have a high-protein, high-fiber snack to suppress your appetite at the office rather than depending upon cups of coffee to stamp out hunger.

If you drink coffee to suppress appetite short-term don’t go overboard. Stick with one or two cups. If you guzzle cups of coffee consistently, you’ll soon develop tolerance to it, and it won’t be as effective for suppressing appetite. Plus, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms like headache when you stop.

Don’t drink coffee after 3:00 P.M. since it can interfere with sleep, and poor sleep patterns are increase the risk of weight gain and abdominal obesity.

Does Coffee Suppress Appetite: The Bottom Line?

Drinking coffee suppresses appetite in the short-term, but too much caffeine over longer periods of time increases carb cravings and contributes to abdominal obesity by raising cortisol levels. If you drink coffee to suppress appetite, do it in moderation.


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