With a Small Penis, Hard to Get Pregnant?

With a small penis, hard to get pregnant?

So how is it then – depending on the size of the penis or not? But now we have in mind the size of the penis with regard to fertility man. Affects the size of male pride, man’s ability to become a father?

Size is not important
The fact that men with high natural and automatically have higher chances of fertilization, his partner, is more myth than fact or scientifically established fact. Penis size can play a role in sexual life, but in terms of fertility, this information is not authoritative. So, gentlemen, or to which nature was so generous, do not worry – their fertility does not depend on this.

Mysterious AGD
However, there is a “but.” Recent research, whose results were published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, brought interesting findings, namely, that penis size does not affect male fertility, but the distance between the anus and scrotum beginning to impact. This distance is called the anogenital distance (anogenital distance, AGD abbreviation).

Scientists found out that men with AGD smaller than the average 5.1 cm have up to 7 times greater chance that they experience difficulties in fathering a child. Below AGD shows under the above research, inter alia, to lower the volume of semen and lower male sperm count.

Research conducted by a professor from the University of Rochester, Shanna Swan, and according to her anogenital distance is one of the reliable indicators of fertility and infertility man. This indicator, together with other examinations could help to detect fertility problems.

The number of infertile couples men increases
Doctors are sounding the alarm, as more couples have problems in a natural way to conceive a child. The problem resides in the same time about equally to the men and women.

Infertility is usually caused by a number of factors, including unhealthy lifestyles, the action of various chemicals on humans and various diseases.

Scientists still are looking for more and more causes and treatment options for infertility. While infertile couples can take advantage of assisted reproduction or choose adoption.

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