Working with Display Screen Has Its Dangers

Working with monitors are a daily part of life today, and it also has its dangers. They face a number of threats to the health and safety requirements.

The display screen is an employee of sight threatening risks factors can be physical or mental overload, job unsuitability of design professionals, inadequate lighting, poor indoor climate, as well as excessive noise.

The main source of noise in the office, in particular, has opened an office and making phone calls and communication between colleagues. There are companies in which the telephone communication is increasingly replaced by electronic communication, but this in turn leads to a keyboard klõbistamise noise. Reduce the noise level in the office can be used as sound reducing blanket covers or dedicated staff desks / workstations partitions.

Light sources – windows and skylights, transparent or translucent walls – do not take it out of direct view of the employee or degrade display quality. The windows should be light-regulating cover. General and spot lighting shall ensure satisfactory lighting conditions and an appropriate contrast between the surfaces within the visual field of the employee. Must be excluded from the light source can be a reflection on the screen.

Comfortable working position prevents fatigue

In order to prevent a variety of bone and muscular system disorders, working with display screen is important to ensure that the workplace is ergonomically designed. Employees must be able to work in their own, in a comfortable position. The desktop must be sufficiently large to allow a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other equipment necessary for proper placement. The work chair shall be stable, the position of the seat and backrest should be adjustable, and if necessary, the employee must be able to use a footrest. The keyboard should be separate from the inclination and a dull surface and surface mounted so as to avoid fatigue in the arms or hands. To the front of the keyboard, and enough space to be with the hands and arms to support the use of a mouse. Keyboard and mouse should also be possible on the same plane.

In general, the display screen workers in Estonia and modern ergonomic workstations. More and more employees, a variety of tools that will help save jobs and make health an even more convenient and more appropriate to the individual worker. Since such equipment is very wide, then every employee should choose the best. If one employee is the basis of the mouse wrist rests, it may be preferable to another worker actually placed in front of a keyboard wrist.

Sometimes, however, the employee may not feel himself, that he would need one or the other tool can and need to come to light only during the medical examination where the doctor examines the health of bone and muscle condition.

Employees must be allowed the development of ocular hypertension and a forced position to prevent discomfort arising from the combination of the display screen of other types of tasks. If this is not possible, the employee must receive periodical breaks, the duration must be at least ten percent of the time display screen work.

Yoga at work

In many companies, employees are placed in a visible place in the rest area võimlemisharjutustega illustrations, which are different exercises to reduce tension in muscles and eyes. Workers like this solution, and they realize that doing such exercises, and retain the ability to work well.

It is also used in large offices võimlemispallid used by the workers to sit in the meantime and sports exercises. Positive examples and targeted health promotion activities – for example I have visited the plant, which will take place once a week yoga classes.

Health check was already discussed previously. The employer shall direct employees working at least half their time working with display screens, occupational health physician. Health surveillance involves the eye and vision as well as bone and muscle health checks. The latter is particularly important in a forced position to detect the presence of associated disorders. Occupational health physician or health check is an ophthalmologist defined period of time, but not less frequently than once every three years. Also, the employee is entitled to a medical or visual display due to working bone and muscular system disorders in the.

Medical examinations will result in the employee health physician assessment of health status, and if necessary, make proposals to the employer or the organization of workplace change.

A labor inspector is pleasing to note that many employers still fulfill the above, health and safety requirements, and in addition, pay attention to those aspects that do not write down the laws and regulations, thus caring for its employees.

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