Worms in Your Stomach

Do you have worms?

How would you find out if you had stomach worms without seeing the doctor? Well you could use this guide to see if you have them.

First off, there are many types of worms that you could get. Some include pinworms, roundworms, hookworms and threadworms. Some symptoms of worms include diarrhoea, constant desire for food, restlessness at night, foul breath, weight loss and fever.

Well how do these worms get into your body in the first place? There are many ways these worms get into your body, but the main way is through your mouth. Most worm eggs are found in contaminated or undercooked meat and also on dirty hands. When you eat, the food carries the eggs into your body and the eggs on your hands may get into your food.

So how would you get rid of them if you think you have worms? You need to go do your doctor and he/she will take it from there. To help prevent worms, you should always wash foods and your hands before eating, cut out split open cuts on fruits or vegetables and cook meat thoroughly.

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  1. over the counter de-worming tablets like Zentel taken once a month for 2 months would help with the de-worming. This is only if you have no other symptoms.

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