Adult Diapers Needed

They’ve lost everything but their biggest need is a diaper.

Being old has its advantages and disadvantages. It was most probably a disadvantage that caused a cigarette butt to start a major fire that burned down most of the units of the Peter Wessels Retirement Village (in the town of Denota, the Republic of South Africa) to the ground. The late night blaze caught the village asleep and pandemonium broke out as nurses and security personnel tried to stop the blaze and save the residents. Police have confirmed 18 people dead and 84 people are now without shelter. Officials say that survivors have blankets and food, but have appealed to local residents and corporate groups asking for adult incontinence diapers, of which there is a major shortage. Many of the elderly are suffering dementia and authorities are trying to identify them, but most of the identity documents were destroyed in the blaze.

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