Are Baby Wipes Dangerous?

Baby wipes are full of chemicals and this could make them dangerous to your baby’s health.

The issue of baby wipes being dangerous due to the chemicals that are in them is not yet a big one. Some smaller discussions are going on online but apart from this the general public doesn’t seem to be too concerned by the danger of wet napkins.

Consider what you use your baby wipes for. On the baby bottoms is an obvious one but you problably also clean up baby’s face and hands with them. This is were the issue of the chemicals in the mixture gets a bit sticky to say the least. If you just look at what is in these wet napkins you would not want to put that in your baby’s mouth.

Remember that skin also absorbs these chemicals so even using the baby wipes on the bottom and body can be dangerous. The baby wipes have obviously been tested over and over again but no one has been able to check the long term effects yet. To know just how the baby wipes influences children’s health we might have to wait for studies that will be carried out and completed in another five years and so.

If the amount of chemicals in the baby wipes are dangerous or not might be hard to tell at this point in time. A smart thing to do is to avoid using them on hands and in face. It can also be a good idea to try and wash the diaper area with soap and water as much as possible.

Apart from this there are bio baby wipes without the chemicals. They are much more expensive but they might be a great way to ensure that your baby stays completely clear of unhealthy chemicals without you losing your level of comfort when it comes to cleaning up the messes. You can read a review of eco baby wipes at which can give you an idea of how they can work instead of regular chemical baby wipes.

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