Contaminated Alcohol Prep Wipes

Anytime we have blood drawn or any invasive procedure at a laboratory or hospital, alcohol wipes are used on our bodies. We generally don’t give it a second thought. We expect everything to be clean and sterile in a hospital setting, but lately we are learning this is not always the case. Contaminated alcohol wipes have contributed to infection and deaths in hospitals. Some confirmed and probably many we will never know about.

Contaminated alcohol wipes have been determined to be the cause of infections and deaths in people with immune deficiencies and possibly others. The wipes are manufactured by two Wisconsin based companies, H&P Industries and Triad Group. Both companies are owned by the same people. The companies also distribute nasal sprays, vaginal lubricants and other products. The surprising fact is that the Food and Drug Administration has been aware of this companies contaminated products since 2009 and has done nothing to stop production. According to a news report by MSNBC, the agency didn’t consider it to be a health threat.

Their opinion changed when a young boy underwent brain surgery in a Houston Hospital and a bacterial infection took over his body and killed him. The child’s parents have now filed suit against the Triad group after learning contaminated wipes had been used on their son. A child with leukemia being treated in a Colorado hospital was also investigated when he contacted a life threatening infection. The Centers for Disease Control concluded that contaminated wipes from this company were used on both children. Bacillus cereus and other bacteria were found on the wipes.

The FDA sized millions of dollars worth of products from the manufacturing plant, after asking them to stop shipping the products. I wonder how many of us have these alcohol wipes in our medicine cabinets. I checked mine and don’t see these company names on the packaging. I know I will remember H&P and Triad when I buy alcohol wipes next. The next thing to worry about is how many other companies are selling contaminated wipes. On second thought I might just use my own alcohol next time.

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  1. nice share

  2. good post

  3. Well that is down right scary.

  4. Wow…good one.

  5. Are we to understand that the bacteria found on these wipes is resistant to Isopropyl? The alcohol should kill any bacteria that comes in contact with it?

    Provocative article. Thanks.

  6. I was surprised by a news report on television about the THOUSANDS of people who die from things they get in the hospital.

  7. A scarey thought considering I use them on me and my grandchildren without a second thought.But will be more careful about this in the future.

  8. good article, makes you think to ask questions and not just accept things

  9. Makes me glad I use my own too.

  10. Hope more people read your article and check their stock and dispose the contaminated wipes shortly if there is any.

  11. How awful for the families of these people. Thanks for getting the word out.

  12. A good information and reminder. I should avoid those contaminated alcohol wipes.

  13. That is rather worrying, Ruby. No wonder there are so many infections in hospitals these days. Thanks for the information.

  14. OMG.. This is so bad.!!!

  15. thanks for letting me know about how Contaminated alcohol wipes have contributed to infection and deaths in hospitals, this is a scary thought.

  16. That is a scary thought. Hospitals seem to be the center of a lot of infections these days but it’s exceptionally worrisome to find these infections could have come from something as inconsequential as an alcohol wipe. Great article.

  17. Better safe than sorry Ruby… aw whatever happened to the old sleeve he he he cheers

  18. you are right,, most hospital specially some low standard,,its really scary..

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