Do You Need an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate?

Prescription Prepayment Certificates can save you a fortune!

Do you need an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate?

I as some of my regular readers will know I have poor health. My condition is ongoing and as part of the treatment I receive various prescribed drugs in fact 11 different pills and potions! In England (as opposed to Scotland and Wales) a prescription from a chemist will cost you £7.40 per separate item.

This equates to £81.40 per month cost to me! Although I am registered disabled I receive no help from the NHS or government for my prescribed drugs. However any resident of Scotland will receive free prescribed drugs! So the cheapest solution is move to Scotland! However there is a scheme called the ‘Prescription Prepayment Certificate’ (PPC)

The PPC is a plastic credit card sized certificate which comes either for 3 months or 12 months. For a 3 month PPC it will cost you the patient £29.10 or for the 12 month PPC its £104.00. Perhaps you are not aware of this scheme? It has been available for years now however in my opinion its is not advertised anywhere near enough. When you have seen your doctor and he gives you prescribed drugs you will normally take it straight to the chemist and you pay for your drugs. Its very unlikely the chemist will make you aware of PPC.

(Apologies for the picture quality but it shows you the certificate)

On the rear of an NHS doctors prescription there is a paragraph informing you of the PPC scheme. Please red it carefully it does state that if you are to use 4 prescribed drugs in any 3 month period a PPC will save you money. Lets use me as an example in a 3 month period I would spend £244.20 on prescribed drugs! Remember a 3 month PPC costs me £29.10 I save £215.10 every 3 months that’s a saving per month of £71.70! Now that’s a weeks shopping for my partner and I.

The saving is even greater on the 12 month PPC and the 12 month PPC can be bought on direct debit as well over a 10 month period. So how can you get one of these PPC? Firstly there is an application form No FP95 this is available in your doctors surgery or at your chemist. Secondly you can fill in an online (NHS Choices) PPC form  FP95 and pay by debit or credit card. Thirdly you apply by phone the No is 0845 8500030.

If you are suddenly taken ill and need drugs urgently pay for the drugs then pick up a form No FP57 which your chemist will have. Then apply for a PPC. You will have a 3 month period to claim your money back! I think the scheme is well organised and is well worth having if you’re going to need a lot of drugs over a 3 month period or longer.

My only criticism of PPC isn’t with the scheme but with the Pharmacists and local Doctors! They won’t deny this scheme exists but they wont actively inform you either! Some chemists wont even display the relevant forms for PPC! Why you may ask? its because they want you to pay the full price its more money for them! As regards doctors not informing you of the PPC scheme I have no idea?

So please remember if you’re suddenly taken ill that you can apply for a PPC and claim back a proportion of the money up until 3 months after the drugs were issued.

Lord Banks

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  2. Surely a great help to those facing similar problems.

  3. Wow! I’m glad it’s all worked out for you now, as you said £71 is a week’s shopping value!

  4. I can see how this certificate is a big help. Anything that saves money is a big help.

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  6. Thank you for all your comments much appreciated. If you do like my work please feel free to download my new Book.

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