Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the nurse for his or her patients.

1.  Receive patient from other caretaker and must be sure of his safety and report to nurse and supervisor any observation related to the patient.

2.  Take moving patient to bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth and return to the room and as for crippled patient his face should be cleaned with wet towel with water and soap.

3.  Give food to the patient, feeding patient after wearing gloves and clothe apron to patient and feed him with his spoon, as well as drinking water with glasses.

4.  Clean and set in order bed and change bed sheets and pillow covers.

5.  Bathing patient in a good manner.

6.  Clothe patient and comb her hair.

7.  Take patient’s dirty clothes to laundry and received clean ones through laundry supervisor provided separation of clothes of patients who are infected by contagious disease.

8.  Arranged cupboard in order.

9.  Carry the patient to physiotherapy and medical treatment and recreation area and bring back

10.  Place patient in his bed to sleep.

11.  Clean and ventilate room.

12.  Wake-up patient at 4 O’clock in the afternoon (2) hours sleeping.

13.  Bathing patient in summer and winter for needy.

14.  Ones only and as per remaining patients wash their faces and heads.

15.  Take patients to recreation courtyard for recreation and snacks.

16.  Caretaker must not be away from patient accustomed and self reliant as per the direction of the nurse and supervisor.

17.  Change clothes for patient to be ready for sleeping

18.  Observe patient during sleeping.

19.  Clean patient carefully to avoid nasty smell. Lot of care for the hands.

20.  Assign 1st day of month for personal care (shaving pubic and armfit hair)

21.  On Thursday, disposing matresses to the sun.  Also cupboards, beds to be disposed to sun monthly.

22.  Ask barber (in addition to his duty) to cut residents nails and prepare periodic table for this task with the follow-up of Nursing Division.

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