Easy Way to Check Plaque in Your Arteries

Your arteries condition can be checked easily and scientifically with the Iridology method.

Your level of atherosclerosis will put you in high risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. If your arteries wall narrowed due to accumulation of toxic sludge, it can choke your blood flow to your heart and your brain. Below I give you some information about Iridology:

  • Dr. Gunter Lederman (Iridology expert from Germany), from a study to 640 patients, shows the accuracy level of Iridology analysis up to 74.4% even better comparing to conventional diagnosis procedures
  • Dr. David J. Penske, US Iridology expert, says: “The iris and the white of the eye show not only a person’s physical condition but also his emotional and spiritual state.” (New Straits Times, September 1991).
  • Dr. Paulsen John, a Naturopath who uses Iridology as diagnosis: “Rather than waiting for blood test or waiting for any scans, you can tell (patients) straight away you have this problem; it’s the fastest way of diagnosis.” (Be Positively Powerful, Apr-May 2000. Singapore).
  • Dr. Bernard Jensen, PhD, from 1973 expanded Iridology in US with a very fast growth. Until today Iridology had been used by thousands of doctors and health practitioners around the globe. He said that: “Iridology is the reliable and accurate method to asses the condition that happened in the body.” “Iridology is the best tool to show the value of healthy lifestyle choice as a whole and planning the most comprehensive healing prevention.” “Iridology as an analysis detection is very beneficial to plan healing program or to observe and evaluate therapy progress.” “Iridology is the only analyses that can disclose disease before the symptom arise and show other condition that can allow anticipation of preventive in order to avoid the real disease.
  • Dr. James Julian, California, who practiced in 37 years said: “The result of Iridology has similar information with the data from Medical Laboratory, X-Ray, and Patient’s Medical Record.”
  • Dr. Basil Rifkin, US cardiologist, gave presentation of the research to 9000 patients, in front of American Heart Association symposium. The result is, men under 50 years who in their iris is found the signs of Iridology disorders, proven 5x more often to get heart attacks than those who have normal iris condition.

The right and balance healthy diet is about the best you can do to slow down the process of plaque that will narrow your blood arteries. However, we need to check regularly how bad the plaque had been accumulated in our blood stream wall. If we are unaware on the condition of our arteries then we do not know how far our distance to a sudden heart attack or stroke which can come to us without notice.

Is it really the heart attack and stroke may visit us without notice? Yes without notice if we are careless to the risk factors from lifestyle and the quality of our healthy diet. If we do not check the condition of our arteries then the killing heart attack and stroke may come to us at any time.

From laboratory blood check we can know the level of our bad cholesterol and triglycerides the main factor of the plaque accumulation. However, if you learn Iridology method you can instantly informed on how bad the plaque built in our arteries wall.

Now let me guide you how to check your arteries condition with Iridology method.

  1. Sit or stand in front of a mirror
  2. Get a small battery flash light and bring the light to your left or right eye. The white of your eye called sclera and the round dark in the middle of your eye called “iris”.
  3. See if you find that in around the border of iris and sclera (white part of the eye) inside your iris there is white circle coating then it means that you have accumulation of plaque inside your arteries
  4. The thickness of the white coating circle will represent how severe your atherosclerosis
  5. Now check your children eye and compare with your iris. The child or younger iris usually show clean iris without any white circle coating.
  6. Now compare your eye iris with any body that is fat or having unhealthy lifestyle
  7. By practicing to check your iris and others eye you can be gradually smarter to check your own iris

Congratulation! You are now has the good tool to asses your own arteries condition. Do not forget to follow the right and balance diet with daily practice of healthy lifestyle to maintain or improve your health quality.

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