Funny Hospital Signs

Hospitals generally try to be professional and informative. When this fails, they sometimes end up being funny or just plain creepy. Here are a few amusing examples.

After visiting family in the hospital recently I noticed that while hospitals try to come across as sterile and serious, often they are very strange places.  As hard as they try, with so many people posting signs everywhere, sooner or later someone is going to post something that makes you laugh or just does not make any sense at all.  Here are some of those odder hospital signs.

Needless to say, I would not go into this treatment room.  It is definitely not reassuring.  Okay, I admit, this is from an abandoned hospital but I am not convinced that it was ever reassuring.

This just makes me laugh and want to run away.  Beware of any nurse that tells you “Yes, an enema would be just the thing”.  This ad looks so normal and then you read the text and go “what the heck?” Thankfully, I have never thought or been told this.  I am guessing that there are actually very few cases where it would be the right thing.  Hospital tested or not she totally freaks me out.

I think that I have been to this office before.  I hope that the “patient bill of rights” is hidden behind the sign, but I like the tissue box in front of the sign.  The tissue box infers to me either “you have no rights” or “cry me a river”.  Either way, it makes me laugh.

It reminds me of a sign I saw at our hospital.  In big letters it asked for patient feedback on your doctor because they care about improving service.  Then in small letters, it said “for patients of Dr. Angus only”.  I guess the other doctors didn’t care about what their patients thought!

Great, a phlegm-free area!  What a relief.  I am sure that the “No Germs” sign stops germs in their tracks.  After I leave this area am I not supposed to use a tissue any more?  For the record, anywhere near me is a phlegm-free zone.  All germs within 10 feet will be fined.

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  1. Hilarious! An enjoyable read! Thanks!

  2. These are very funny – and a bit scarey ! x

  3. nice article!!

  4. I laughted so much my husband came in the room to see if I was alright! I love it! total fun!!!!

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