How to Take Leave From Office

Reasons to take Leave from Office.

One good day you wake up with your regular alarm time and you think that today you cannot go to office or you want to continue your weekend ahead but you cannot take leave from office as you have just joined your new company and your boss is very strict when it comes to leave.

So do not think too much because you are not the only one who takes leave in such cases, there are many employees who do this but make sure that you be confident and has the good reason to take leave from office.

I have listed some reasons that could help you find a good reason for leave and can also let you answer the expected questions from your boss or from HR department.

  1. Not keeping well: If you say this then your boss might ask you to come for half day work, so please tell him/her that you are not in the situation to come out from bed.
  2. Parents in Town: Tell your boss that you parents in town and you are visiting a doctor with them for their checkup.
  3. Dental Surgery: Dental Surgery takes very long time and if you say that you have an appointment then it may also help you in getting a leave for the day.
  4. Food Poison: You have got food poison from food that you had yesterday due to which you have got nausea and diarrhea

I prefer to be loyal and say the truth directly to the boss to take leave, I know it does not works for all but I prefer that all employees should use it because if you be loyal to your boss then you can take leave anytime being a loyal employee.

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