Major Killer Diseases of the World.

This article is about the frequency with which vascular diseases kill mankind. It looks at Global, American a Australian data for trends. It is written by a Nurse of 20 yeaars experience.

Thousands of people die from diseases which are preventable and curable. This needless waste of human life is both sad and difficult to understand given the fact that the economic growth has tripled in the last two decades.

Figure 1: Ischemic Heart Disease is the number one killer globally.

The number one killer, globally, is ischemic heart disease. The good news is that it is being defeated. Many patients with heart attacks are surviving to tell their story, the frequency of heart attacks is on a downward trend, and society is “listening” to research by consuming less cholesterol. The consumption of cigarettes , in western countries is down but is increasing in developing economies. More and more individuals get annual check ups and do exercise regularly. Statistics show that life expectancy is increasing too. An examination of figures published by the world health organization (2003) show that more than seven million people die of Ischemic heart disease, in the US alone close to one million people die prematurely of heart diseases. This is shown in table 2 (below).

Table 1. All countries Causes of Total deaths

Ischemic heart disease 7,208,000
Cerebrovascular disease 5,509,000
Lower respiratory infections 3,884,000
HIV/AIDS 2,777,000
Chronic obstructive lung diseases 2,748,000
Diarrhoeal Diseases 1,798,000
Tuberculosis 1,566,000
Malaria 1,272,000

Source: The World Health Report, 2003, The World Health Organization (WHO)

The second major killer is ischaemic diseases of the brain. This is again related and partially caused by hypertension, high cholesterol, cigerattes and reduced exercise. It is hoped that with improved management of blood cholesterol the frequency of CVAs will decrease and there will be a corresponding increase in life expectancy.

The other major killers are chronic respiratory diseases, cancers, HIV and TB. The incidence of HIV is rising in developing economies, so is the survival period after infection. This is mainly due to the fact that newer treatment strategies are working and the new anti-viral medications are more effective. However, the development of an effective vaccination program is still not in sight. This could be due to the fact that people with aids have not been able to organize themselves effectively. This is not surprising because they do not live long to be able to develop an effective network before they die.

Table 3 shows the mortality figures for Australia. The major killers are the same. The problem with Australian figures is that they are not broken down by economic status. If this was done the figures would show that Indigenous people suffer from third world country conditions. A fair amount is being done but the political courage is lacking in the present political administration. (This is a personal view).

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  1. I thought cancers killed most people in the world.

  2. Diseases of arteries (blood vessels which carry oxygenated blood
    under pressure from the heart to distant organs) are the major killers.

  3. i have something to ask…where does cancer came from?
    and why cancer is developed?

  4. hmm i have gotten malaria many times but im still alive

  5. u guys suck

  6. Cancer comes from too many toxins accumulated in the body. Back in the day everything was fresh or canned off from the farm, and no harsh preservatives so people didn’t have cancer. They also didn’t have the hair dyes, make up, and a whole mass of chemicals that we have in the world today. If we stick to simplicity we won’t have any ugly surprises.

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  8. The majority of deaths occur from Malaria in pregnant women and children under 5 years of age…..Because their immune systems are not functioning at peak level. Malaria is more a disease of poverty where mal-nutrition is the norm and medical help is rare. The tropical conditions that exist where most Malaria is found is conducive to repeating the life cycle of the mosquito that causes Malaria.

  9. I was surprised that heart disease was the #1 killer and not cancer, but it’s nice to know what the top killers of people is so they can start to take better care of them selves.

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