Medical Scandals

Medical scandals always involve life and death situations. Here are four notable scandals that had plagued the supposed respectable field of medicine.

Chinese Heparin Contamination

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In March 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced major recalls of the blood thinning drug heparin produced by Baxter International, following discovery of contaminated raw heparin stock imported from China used in its production. The raw heparin supplies, which originated from the China-based branch of American pharmaceutical firm Scientific Protein Laboratories (SPL), were neither subjected to inspection by the US FDA officials in violation of FDA regulations nor were they certified as safe for pharmaceutical use by the Chinese FDA since the company was not registered as a drugs company but as a chemical manufacturer. In turn, SPL obtained its porcine intestines-derived heparin from its joint venture partner, Changzhou Techpool, as well as Ruihua Biomedical Products and a number of small unregulated family workshops, most of which refused to have their facilities inspected. In fact, an anonymous source bluntly commented during the investigation that “China simply has no regulatory regime to speak of.”

The contaminant has been identified as a chemically altered form of chondroitin sulfate, which is a dietary supplement made from animal cartilage used to treat arthritis, and does not possess any anti-clotting properties. The Federal authorities stopped short of saying that the contaminant, “over-sulfated” chondroitin sulfate, was a deliberate act of Chinese drug counterfeiting rather than an accidental lapse in the manufacturing process, considering that it costs at least 90 percent cheaper and that it virtually mimics the real drug. The tainted blood thinner has found its way to at least 11 countries including Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan and France. In the US alone, at least 81 deaths and around 800 reports of serious allergic reactions were believed to be linked to these ingredients. There are growing concerns over the safety of China-made products over the last two years as thousands worldwide have been killed or injured by poisonous toothpaste, toys, pet foods and more recently infant milk.

Cutter Incident

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In 1955, Cutter Laboratories of Berkeley California was one of five pharmaceutical companies that were licensed by the United States government to mass produce the Salk’s newly developed formaldehyde-inactivated polio vaccine. In what became known as the Cutter Incident, Cutter failed to completely inactivate or kill the harmful poliovirus in a few production pools, resulting in the production of vaccines that contained live ones instead. The entire lot was immediately recalled but almost 400,000 doses had already been administered to healthy grade school children. Of the estimated 120,000 children who were inadvertently injected with the defective vaccines, 40,000 developed mild symptoms, 200 developed paralytic poliomyelitis and at least 10 died of polio infection.

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  1. And there are many more incidents such as the ones that you described above that never see the light of day. It is so sad that the people are suppose to keep you healthy are the same the kill you in so many cases. I’m glad you made this article people should know. Thank you.

  2. It’s great article.

  3. I agree with Morgana. Excellent article, Eddie. Thanks for shedding light on some of life’s atrocities.

    Now, go and enjoy your holidays.


  4. Very informative article, Eddie. Thank you.

  5. the ones involving organ theft are the most scary, lots of victims lots of co-conspirators (doctors) and as far as I am concerned the ones who got the organs are just as guilty.

  6. Really interesting article, well researched. Thanks.

  7. People should really know these. Nice article bro as usual.

  8. I’ve heard about the organ thingy before this. Kinda creepy. Maybe one should always beware of a “high paying job” from an unknown doctor? Nice article again. :D

  9. Wow, I didn’t know about any of that…Terrible stuff but it happens even though we wish it wouldn’t…As usually you brought a great and informative article! ^_^

  10. another great and interesting write. you always comes out with the best.. Happy holiday, bro.

  11. Such a dirty crime. I pity all the victims and hope that this wouldn’t happen again. Another nice article, Eddie. Happy holidays!

  12. We have to keep telling these things over and over again!

  13. I knew of all of these scandels, but I know many do not. My feeling is that everytime you go into a hospital for anything or allow anything to be put into your body, you are risking your life to man’s evil doing or mistakes.

  14. this is a fasinatic article and very well written, thanks for sharing

  15. These are tragic events, some intentional and others not to rush into the research.

  16. very interesting, how sad the kidney is used in greedy violence.

  17. Excellent write!

  18. Great article richly packed with information. Scary stuff thats for sure!

  19. worth reading

  20. Excellent article, Eddie!
    There are so many good and honest medical researchers, research companies, physicians, and hospitals that end up bearing the stigmas of being dishonest, inept, greedy, and uncaring about anything except the almighty dollar…due to illegal situations and activities that continue to prosper through the actions of unscrupulous countries and individuals such as you’ve listed above!

  21. Such a shocking scandals! Thanks for sharing it. I like this great article.

  22. This is horrible. How can anyone be so cruel to his fellowman? You did a worthy job reporting these scandals. I have read about some of these but the stolen kidneys was one I had not heard. It is a disgrace.

  23. Thank you for sharing this information. You’ve done an excellent job. So much if what you’ve discussed here is so hush hush. People like you are the only way some of us are made aware.

  24. This is so sad to think anyone could do such a things. Thanks for informing us about some of the realizations that are happening around the world. Great detailed information!

  25. A master piece.Keep up! I’m strongly behind your thoughts.

  26. Great Article Eddie, I’m back so send me your articles and I will review and stumble as I can.

  27. A very interesting and informative article, thanks, Eddie.

  28. i think, something like that happened here, the one similar to the kidney scandal.. by the way, great article!

  29. WOw these are scary. A great article. I also enjoyed the accounting scandal.

  30. These articles have not not been validated by the author. Where did he get the information? What are his qualifications? A well researched article will provide background references for cross-checking of allegations; which this set of articles fails to do. Be more critical of what you read and believe. Reject poorly prepared “news”.

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