Oxygen Health & Fitness Expo

Oxygen Health & Fitness Expo.

Breathe deeply. Pulling the sweet oxygen into your lungs you can feel it course through your veins. Oxygen is life. The healing important things about oxygen are already known for several years, however it is only recently that effective methods happen to be created to maximize oxygen’s healing properties. Numerous subjects will likely be addressed on Saturday, February 8th in Pasadena.

The Oxygen Health Expo for the Pasadena Convention Center will combine many oxygen-related health products and also lots of other therapies and services not usually based in the same location. Traditional and non-traditional medicines are going to be found side by side. You’ll find Yoga and hypnotherapy directly through the aisle from face lift and weight training exercise. Those attending the expo will quickly realize themselves confronted with material they will often do not have available on his or her.

Guests in The Oxygen Conditioning Expo will experience informative presentations on a multitude of different topics. They may meet doctors and doctors and nurses that have dedicated their lives to helping people maximize their body’s potential.

Subjects covered includes new information for female using HRT along with revolutionary natural alternatives. Myths and opinions will likely be cleared away by information and knowledge.

Understand Paternity testing. Testing your DNA is the newest frontier in the battle to predict health troubles, and uncover potential problems as part of your medical record. DNA testing can peer into your smallest portions of your cells with a microscopic level. View the future as well as the past within you’s signature.

The Oxygen Health and Fitness Expo can have several guest speakers covering a variety of elements of your overall health and fitness lives.

Feline Butcher from your Studio City Health Center will probably be giving a presentation on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The oxygen chambers she uses in their own practice raise the uptake of oxygen in your body through increased pressurization. Under this pressure, oxygen dissolves into all body fluids including the plasma, the lymph along with the spinal fluid surrounding the spinal-cord. These fluids carry extra oxygen extending its love to places that circulation is poor or blocked.

This is great for healing the body against pollution absorbed in everyday life, plus the effects of overly-processed fast foods which have been lower oxygen and full of toxins. Oxygen therapy also aids in healing from disease or injury. This type of treatment therapy is often accustomed to benefit cancer patients.

The Oxygen Physical fitness Expo may also feature Dr. James Privitera, nationally known allergist and nutritionist. He’ll almost certainly be speaking on allergies and their relation to the foods we placed into your body. Everything you eat can be both good results along with a detriment to how your body grows, works and heals. Varying your diet can substantially affect your evryday allergies and their severity.

Rosalene Glickman, identified as “Australia’s most successful woman” and president of the World Academy of private Increase in Beverly Hills, will probably be speaking on her behalf book “Optimal Thinking”. Optimal Thinking will be the language of your best self. It encourages a level of positive believing that optimizes your motivation, talents, opportunities, resources and time to get a new better you.

The Oxygen Conditioning Expo are going to be offering something for everybody. Festivities begins promptly at 10:00 am on Saturday, February 8th, for the Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E. Green St., in Pasadena. The wedding is certain to open minds and influence people.

Whether your interests are nutrition, fitness, appearance, natural products, healing disease or managing injury, The Oxygen Physical fitness Expo will give you that which you’re trying to find, and also a lot of stuff you’ve i never thought of. An entertaining event that may benefit people and change lives.

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