Pippie Kruger (3), Burn Victim, Survives! Thank You Blood Donors!

Pippie the three year old girl, survived 80% burns! 87 Units of Blood Products was used on her!

She Survived, Thank You Blood Donors!

This little brave girl had a horrific experience New Years Eve 2012. A fire lighting gel that her father used to start a barbecue fire, exploded and a ball of fire landed on Pippie, who was playing 3 meters away. Needless to say that she sustained extensive burns over her body! That little body sustained 80%, 3rd degree burns and was in a critical condition!

Pippie and Grand Pa before the horrific accident!

Pippie spend 6-months in hospital receiving specialized treatment. Of which the first ever cloned skin transplant was performed in South Africa! She is considered a miracle child and South Africa stood by this family, in prayer finances, and where ever they could! And then there are the silent hero’s that we want to recognize in this article too! The BLOOD DONORS of the SANBS!

A burn victim looses extremely big amounts of body fluids, and it can be fatal, if not corrected constantly! And that is where these Blood products come in. Plasma is one of the main products given to burn victims!

To all the BLOOD DONORS out there, on behalf of Pippie her Mother Anice and the rest of her family, and of course the South African National Blood Service, THANK YOU! This makes all the blood, sweat and tears to collect the blood all worthwhile! To the DONORS, you are HEROES! Thank You!

 Pippie and her mother Anice!

Pippie Receiving Her First Bath After Her Skin Grafts!

Pippie received in total 87 units of blood products, which consisted of red cells, plasma and other products! If it was not for regular blood donors, these products would not have been available! Thank from the bottom of my heart (a passion filled member of SANBS), and from Pippie and her family.

Pippie is doing wonderful. Busy in rehabilitation, it is hard work, but she is a fighter. Anice is by her side day and night, please keep them in your prayers! 

Please keep on thanking God daily for keeping this precious angel well, and her mother strong for the road ahead!

 There is a fund been start for her,  you can donate R30,00 towards her future medical accounts and care. Please open your hearts towards this family, and help them. Thank You!


Pippie”s Support Page on Facebook

To all Blood Donors in South Africa! THANK YOU! 

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