Plants That Get Rid of Toxins in Your Home

There are several complicated ways to remove toxins from your home. They can even sometimes be quiet expensive. Today I’m going to reveal to you some of the most excellent, natural ways to do so. Best of all, they’re cheap, and if you play your cards right, you may even get them for free from friends and family.

We release toxins into our home when we buy new furniture, paint, and do DIY or repairs. Even every day activities like wearing spray deodorant or removing nail polish can discharge these potentially harmful substances. They include, benzene (from paints and smoke), ammonia (from cleaning products), xylene (from computers), and acetone (from nail polish remover). Placing the following plants in strategic positions will neutralise the effects of these dangerous chemicals.


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Orchids help to remove the harmful chemicals and vapours we produce in our homes. They also release oxygen even in very dim light.

Keep in: the bedroom.

Care: mist often and place in semi-shade


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Ivy is also great for removing toxins, but in addition to this, they get rid of mould spores which can cause asthma in kids.

Keep in: children’s bedrooms (especially asthma sufferers).

Care: Water and feed regularly.

Lady palm

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Lady palm is indispensible for removing ammonia and improving the air quality in every room it’s placed.

Keep in: the office.

Care: lady palm is not fussy. Just keep moist


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Fern is great for removing formaldehyde. It keeps indoor air clean and light too.

Keep in: the living room or home office.

Care: mist daily and water regularly.

Peace lily

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The peace lily is quite versatile. It will remove formaldehyde and benzene from any room and swallow up toxins that prevent good health.

Keep in: any room is suitable.

Care: needs a lot of water.

Spider plant

Image by Colin-47 _Away for a while via Flickr

Spider plant grabs all sorts of formaldehyde and benzene from the air we breath. It’s a fine way to purify the air in our homes.

Keep in: any room in which you have a computer.

Care: likes to stay moist.

Rubber plant

photo source

This plant keeps the air clean and clear of a variety of toxins. It’s fantastic for maintaining fresh air in your home.

Keep in: the kitchen

Care: doesn’t require much. It will survive in dim light.

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