Prepare Your Own First Aid Kit

Having a well stocked first aid kit is a very useful thing, especially when you’re traveling.

We’re always hopping for the best, but we would never know what might going to happen. First aid kit provides initial treatment in case of accidents or falling ill, while preparing your own first aid kit would make it suits more to your own particular needs.  

Prepare a container. You wouldn’t want your medications to get wet or damaged.  Choose a sturdy and waterproof container to protect your medical supplies. A plastic pouch would be perfect for you can easily put it just about anywhere in your luggage or backpack. Suit the container/pouch’s size with your own need.  

Standard medication supplies. Cotton, tape, bandage, antiseptic, ointment, face mask, thermometer, scissor, tweezers, etc. Is it possible for you to find those supplies you need in the place that you’re going to visit? Check the detailed information about your destination place to make sure what kind of standard medicine supplies you might need on your journey.

Special medication supplies. Add the specific medications for particular health conditions that you might have, such as medications for asthma, blood pressure, etc., and some commonly used medicines for cold, pain killers, diarrhea, fever, etc. If you are traveling with your family, make sure that the medication supplies they might going to need were also included in your first aid kit.

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