Should Doctors Advertise??

The answer is YES !!!

The topic of allowing doctors to advertise is not a new controversy. The stated reason for the ban is to allow doctors to concentrate on curing patients, not to compete with their business rivals. But I think doctors should advertise.

At present, doctors are limited to post strictly factual notices about their qualifications and surgery hours in certain publications. These notices must not carry any exaggerated claims that they can mislead people. But the authorities are not consistent on this matter. Ads for medicines are accepted by society, even though many make exaggerated claims. I don’t see why doctors cannot advertised. Both doctors, and the medicines they prescribed, are regulated.

Doctors who open their own clinics are also businessmen. Advertising is an important promotional tool to reach their patients, and to expand their client base. A doctor does not need to act unethically while making a profit.

Moreover, doctors are already licensed to show they are capable of treating patients while keeping high standards of medical practice. Therefore, advertising would not harm people’s health and it would just give patients more choices.

Furthermore, a doctor who makes more money is more likely to invest in new equipment and provide better services to patients. This can only benefit society.

I believe patients will benefit most if their doctor’s clinics can operate effectively as businesses. The best way for them to achieve this is to advertise.

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