Stay Women After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer does not mean the end of femininity. Physicians and manufacturers of lingerie are always more likely to be aware of. And a complete range of tailored underwear are now available to women who have undergone mutilating surgery. The explanations of Annie Levy, host workshops lingerie, swimwear and prostheses to patients’ homes at the Institut Curie, Saint Cloud (92).

“A woman suffering from breast cancer to reclaim her body and her femininity” explained she. Since 1991 she created her lingerie boutique “generalist” … before working in hospitals with nursing students in second and third years. And then through the House of patients, once a month. “The breast is a symbol of femininity and motherhood. It is important to help women accept the wearing of a prosthesis. To attract others, it is necessary to please yourself … “

The House of Patients: workshops to regain her femininity

The House of patients at the Institut Curie, which depends on the René Huguenin Cancer Center of Saint Cloud is a unique place in France. Available to patients and their relatives outside the hospital, it allows them to be welcomed by professionals and volunteers who provide advice and support: physical therapy, hair care, yoga … It in this context that Annie Levy. “Once a month I get patients in the group. They can come before or after the operation. My goal is to restore their confidence, make them understand they can still be beautiful and sexy, even after breast cancer. “

Suitable products

- The external breast prostheses. Often lack of information, many women do not carry any prosthesis. Yet according to Annie, “the prosthesis allows the woman to regain its equilibrium morphology, to recover. In case of shock, it protects the scar. “The texture resembles that of the original breast. It slips between the skin and underwear, and is quickly forgotten …

On its website, the National Cancer Institute (INCA) provides that “the choice of a prosthesis should be unhurried, with a competent technician. The team can provide you with details of specialty stores that will help you choose the prosthesis that best fits your body. Prices of external breast prostheses are variable. They are reimbursed by health insurance on the basis of € 69.75. Some mutual support complement. “

- The appropriate lingerie and swimwear. Lace or cotton, they support the breast that is always present, while maintaining the prosthesis. Without reinforcement, they appear like a second skin. The woman then finds his silhouette. For swimming, no problem, there are prosthetic members. Side measurements, the manufacturers have missed any woman available sizes range from 85A to 120H.

Note that in addition to his duties at the Institute Curie, Annie Levy founded the company Alys. It receives and patients, by appointment, for individual counseling. For more information, click here.

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