Temperament is Determined by Blood Group

As we know, only four blood groups: O (One), A (Second), B (third), AB (fourth).

People with the first group of blood energetic and sociable, they are big dreamers and often spend their lives in their creative pursuits. They self-motion, rest for them-torture. They have a strong-willed, well able to communicate with other people. They are good leaders, though often “too far” in its desire to be leaders. 

People with a second group of reliable and blood collection. Deal for them, above all, promising they will certainly fulfill it. They can easily be workaholics. They are shy, but are great loyal friends. Often they Monogamous. Special temperament do not differ, reserved, polite, mild in all. 

They are about the spouses, good parents, respectful kids. They remember the dates of birthdays and weddings. They are good organizers, strict but fair heads, exemplary employees. They can always be relied on, but sometimes they are too boring and conservative. 

The third group of blood flows in the veins of people feeling fine, sensitive and vulnerable. They require much from the outside world, but not spared, and myself.They may appear outwardly calm and cool, but behind this wall is raging flames.These people burn their lives as a candle. They are often – gifted nature. 

People whose blood group – the fourth, a quiet life will never happen. They are contradictory, intemperance, yet nature is creative, often these are talents and geniuses. Their whole life – a search, and search for something, they themselves often do not know until the end. They are suspicious, they are drawn to solitude, they are not inclined to share their experiences. Such people are often jealous and too harsh in the actions and words.

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