Unbelievable: Five Amazing Things Your Body Can Do!

Five body facts. You are capable of doing this!

Okay.  Everybody knows a woman is capable of growing a person (or even six!) inside her body, and that is quite perplexing.  But that doesn’t end there! The human body can perform the following stupefying acts as well:

Stop Annoying Hiccups

Having hiccups are totally annoying.  They come at the most unbelievable time, like when you are about to start a speech or about to propose to your girl, but believe me, this would work immediately.

Take a very deep breath, hold for around ten seconds.  Don’t ever exhale.  Breathe in more air and hold it for another five seconds.  Then, finally, but don’t exhale yet, breathe in more air as you can.  Hold for another five seconds.  At last, presuming you are still not blue, breathe normally. 

This breathing technique kind of immobilizes your diaphragm, hence, stopping your hiccups.

Hold Back Your Tears

Some people are real cry babies, guys are not an exception, too, by the way.  But if you always find yourself crying, especially at inappropriate places and on the most impossible of times (like your wedding, come on, it is a happy moment!), consider clearing your throat.  Yup, that’s right.  Just clear your throat.  The mechanism in the larynx and the nasal passage gets interrupted.  Clearing your throat also makes you swallow.  When you swallow, your tongue tends to be lifted to your mouth’s roof, blocking the soft palate, preventing those tears from gushing like a waterfall.

Stop Fainting

Fainting could be embarrassing, especially if it happens in public, or your wedding day. Dropping blood pressure, plus pooling of blood in your extremities causes this.  The best way to break your fainting spell is to do this.  Try to cross your legs.  Squeeze your thighs.  Contract your abs. If you tense your muscles, your blood pressure will go up and blood will flow back to your heart and brain.

Scared of Needles No More

If you are scared of needles, you can actually make the shot less painful by applying pressure to the area.  Try making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and press down on the area to be pierced by the needle.  By doing this, your receptors for touch are stimulated overriding nearby skin pain receptors.  The nerves get confused, in other words, making the shot less painful.

Stop Nighttime Heartburn

If you feel a heartburn coming up, try sleeping on your left side. Stomach acid won’t creep up because sleeping on your left side preserves the natural curve of your esophagus.

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  1. Great post! Very informative…

  2. Thanks for the TiPS. I really am a cry baby. I easily make tears fall even in a crowded place.

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