VA Hospital Care Good or Bad?

Medical care for veterans, are we really getting good care by qualified people?

In today’s world health insurance is very important to have. Maybe it is supplied through your employer or you have to pay the cost out of your own pocket. If you have served our country in the military and meet certain conditions you are qualified to use the Veterans Administration facilities in the different states. They have outpatient clinics and full fledged hospitals.

Some of these facilities are manned by military personnel, but, most by private contractors or even contracting companies. If you are using these facilities for your health care please beware of the pitfalls encountered at some facilities. For some reason the VA doesn’t do a very good background check on personnel. We have doctors with suspended licenses, nurses without licenses or suspended working at some of these places. At some we even have people that are illegal in the country, but, we all know that is nationwide. As recent as 2007 we had 3 doctors being held accountable for 9 deaths at the same hospital. Surgery was even suspended at this facility, for a time. We all heard and read about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed a few months back, so, nothing comes as a surprise any  more.

We as citizens and as veterans have the right to check references on a doctor or nurse treating us. Ask questions, actually check their experience, especially if you are having some type of delicate surgery. Make sure you are getting good qualified care, you have that right. Sometimes you think you are getting the doctor you have been seeing, but, when it comes to actual operating time they slip a student in on you or someone with very little experiance in that particular area. I speak from experience on this note.

Get a second opinion if needed, ask questions of the doctor, get references from the hospital on the doctor. Be sure about who is doing the surgery before you submit to it. If a mistake is made or an explained error in the operating room, it will be just like all facets of government things, lots of red tape and very slow results or answers. Maybe even a letter from the director of the facility telling you to be patient. Take care of yourself by being inquisitive in all your health care, after all, it is YOUR health and well being at stake.

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