Weight Loss with Acupuncture

Weight loss with acupuncture.

Acupuncture, deep tissue and organs in order to eliminate the pain points specific to the skin very thin gold, steel, or the introduction of silver needles. Based on that basis, mainly in Europe and recently won widespread popularity in China some 5000 years treatment ways applied.

Body acupuncture, as well as used in other types of acupuncture, which can act on microorganisms ear, head, hand acupuncture. auricular acupuncture in modern medicine today, to take place and the widespread use of Dr. French. Nogier’e duty. Dr. Holding that the reflection of all the dry areas kulakda Nogier ear organs and the body has spread. Reflex points system it was possible to detect any damage to organs.

Ear acupuncture therapy and a clinical diagnostic method. Another name also known as microsystems. Both mechanical and electromagnetic waves in front of the body and the subsequent reactions of the measure, the source of  since 1982 as a scientific technique has shown fotoperzepsiyon.

Sensitive points in the ear with this treatment modality in the bucket is determined and the points of needles metal (with laser treatment in patients who are afraid and are afraid of the needle) for initiation of treatment. The fate of these points are determined session of the duration of auricular acupuncture needles, balls or roots of plants are installed. However, do not hesitate to pin the needle instead of a permanent patients pasted plant roots.

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  1. a good approach

  2. i can not use this because it is expensive around where I live (I know because went to visit one to see about his back pain. The insurance would not pay for it) So I doubt that it would pay for weight loss. But I thoroughly ENJOYED reading this article!

  3. it works sounds a good idea

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