What Explains Curative Effect of Whole Body Vibration?

What explains Curative Effect of whole body vibration?

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The effect of diversity. First of all, it normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. As a result, total inactivity (a violation of the organism under the restriction of motor activity), which is typical for the population of all developed countries, and lack of active muscle contraction the body’s cells are unable to free themselves from toxic products of metabolism, which as a result accumulate in tissues and organs and cause chronic self-poisoning organism, which becomes the impetus for the development of pathological processes (from inflammation to multiple sclerosis and even cancer). This is the main reason for the well-known modern inhabitants of the planet chronic fatigue syndrome, accompanied by malaise, headaches and sleep disorders. As a result, whole body vibration and active muscle contraction cell literally pushes the accumulated waste products (metabolites) in the interstitial fluid, freed from the poison, and once again gains the ability to absorb necessary for normal vital nutrients and oxygen, thereby restoring normal metabolism. 
Vibration also contributes to a more active promotion of interstitial fluid and lymph flow and excretion of metabolites in blood, then to the kidneys and then completely from the body. Large effect of vibration on blood vessel walls, resulting in increasing their flexibility and remove cholesterol plaques, vessels cleared of cholesterol, strengthening their walls. 

As a result of whole body vibration of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, increases intestinal peristalsis, which also leads to cleanse the body of toxic debris in the intestines, which appear again as a result of inactivity and atony (sluggishness) of the intestinal wall. Known and positive effects of vibration on the function of the central nervous system by increasing brain blood supply and nutrition of nerve cells. That is why, probably, considerably smoothing the traumas of cerebral palsy. It is also necessary to note the effect of vibration on the tiny blood vessels – capillaries. Due to whole body vibration of open capillary sphincters (valves), which regulate the flow of blood flow in the capillary network (its total area of ​​a person reaches 6,000 m2), and it is extremely important, because as a result of inactivity with age is the progressive closure and abandonment of the capillary bed, due to causing broken blood supply of organs and tissues develop their hypoxia (insufficient oxygen supply) and the condition of the body is deteriorating. On the role of capillary circulation in the bodies vital functions highlighted in the 20’s of last century, an outstanding physician and scientist. To enhance the microcirculation of the blood capillaries and the disclosure he proposed his own system balneotherapy and hydrotherapy – treatment baths with hot water (up to 42 degrees) and with the addition of the water biologically active substances (he developed turpentine composition, etc.). 

Its recommendations have been successfully applied today. By the way, and all the powerful complex of modern physical therapy is aimed precisely at the opening of the capillary network of the diseased organ and the strengthening of microcirculation of blood in him as a result of deep tissue heating. To this end, apply and massage. The same aim is pursued and rubbing various medical ointments and gels for arthritis, arthritis and other diseases of the joints and spine. Instead, proposed whole body vibration -physiotherapy and balneotherapy “in one bottle” right at home. With the help of vibration will be resolved, and another global problem of modern civilization – the problem of hyperkinesia (lack of physical activity). It is estimated that over one session is due to vibration is performed about 8000 motions, which amounts to a two-day rate of physical exertion. 

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