Who Do Mosquitoes Bite?

A group of scientists has discovered why some people bitten more mosquitoes than others.

Mosquitoes choose their victims based on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted to breathe and not, as popular belief, the”sweetness” of blood, according to a study recently published inNature.

A human being produces every day at about one kilogram ofCO2, and every time you exhale, about 13 times per minute,emitting more than one hundred milligrams of this gas.Mosquitoes detect a pulsating stream of CO2, which deductedthat behind is ”fresh blood” to suck. The carbon dioxide produced by breathing is higher in adults than in children, and their number varies with diet and exercise that followed.
In fact, entomologists at the University of Florida (USA) have developed traps insects that emit carbon dioxide as would aperson or animal.

Lactic acid or emit breathing in sweat also attract mosquitoes.Taller people and pregnant women release more lactic acid andCO2, so they are ”white” perfect mosquitoes. People just dointense physical exercise are also very attractive to insects.

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