10 Home Remedies for Smoking Cessation

Risks of smoking to health, and so this time we want to give some advice to avoid smoking easily by simply using some remedies na ….

On countless occasions we have read or heard the risks of smoking to health, and so this time we want to give some advice to avoid smoking easily simply by using some natural remedies that will not affect our health and to help us alleviate the dreaded anxiety.

It’s not too late to quit smoking, you can reverse the effects of snuff in your body. According to Alex Brunning pulmonologist, if you’ve been smoking 10 cigarettes a day for 20 years (or the equivalent, say 15 cigarettes for 13 1/2 years), and stop the habit, avoiding the annoying cough, stomach pains and many more consequences that the smoke contains, your lungs can recover and return to normal (provided you have not contracted emphysema, a disease which is irreversible).

Almost from the moment you stop smoking, reduce the chance of a heart attack or stroke at the same level of nonsmokers.

However, the person you wish to discontinue this habit as a first step, have really wanted to quit and a good dose of willpower. Therefore, it is worth quitting, because the health benefits begin to be seen almost immediately, then you can use any of the following home remedies that are described below:

1. Chew gum, this will help reduce your anxiety. If you have one handy, a toothpick can function as a substitute.

2. According to the Asian, the consumption of herbs and tea may help reduce cigarette consumption.

3. Avoid routines that lead to smoking. Do not stand in the window and always stay away from people who smoke.

4. Smoke one less cigarette each day. But for others it was best to completely eradicate the snuff of his life. If your decision is the last, throw out whatever you identify as a smoker in the trash, that includes ashtrays, pipes, etc..

5. Chew on some ginger root. Tastes bitter, but they say it works.

6. The species in general can distract you from smoking. Such is the case of cloves, cinnamon stick or eucalyptus.

7. Eat lots of water and sugar-free drinks when you are tempted.

8. Before bed, take a hot shower. This will relax a little.

9. Keep a bag of shredded carrots and when you feel the urge to smoke, jump in the mouth a little of this plant.

10. Tell your friends that will prohibit smoking.

If none of this is working, should be that you have not actually taken the decision not to smoke more. If the decision is made with absolute determination, see the results.

Although, as you can see, there are some home remedies to stop smoking, first and foremost is your attitude and determination, so does the consumption of alcoholic beverages. And if you complement it, being active, drinking plenty of water and trying to avoid places where people smoke too much, even better.

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