16 Ways to Ease Sore Throats

Sore throats can really be annoying. There are some ways to ease sore throats. This article discusses the ways to ease sore throats.

Sore throats are uncomfortable.  They can make you feel miserable and they make it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep.  When your throat is sore, you are very much aware of how hard it is to swallow.  It feels scratchy and it won’t stop.  I did research on ways to ease sore throats and I have found 16 ways to ease them without drugs. I like to look for remedies that don’t require you to use drugs because of the way they interact with other medications. You also can’t take medication too much so I find remedies that don’t require over-the-counter medication.  Since medication can be expensive and often don’t work anyway, it is easier to try and use home remedies to ease sore throats. 

  • Boil lemonade
    You can boil lemonade for as hot as you can stand it and then drink the lemonade.  In a little while, the pain in your throat will ease.
  • Drink small glass of water
    You can drink a small glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.  The water should be warm so it will be easier on your throat. 
  • Gargle Vinegar
    Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water.  Gargle the water and swallow each mouthful until it’s gone.  Repeat if necessary. I want to warn you that this particular remedy is really nasty and it can be strong if you don’t put enough water in it.
  • A spoonful of honey
    Take a spoonful of honey raw.  This helps to relieve throat inflammation. 
  • Make a vinegar and honey cocktail
    Take a ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of honey and mix it in an 8 oz. glass of warm water.  Drink this until it is gone.  It is not the best remedy, but it will ease your sore throat.
  • Grapefruit juice
    Drink a cup of hot grapefruit juice with honey.  I haven’t tried this one and it sounds like it might be nasty.
  • Boil lemon and honey
    Boil water; put half lemon and half honey in the same pot then drink it while it’s warm.
  • Drink tea
    Make tea super hot and add two cough drops. Halls Honey Lemon is usually the best.  Stir the tea occasionally until the cough drop melts.  You can feel the soothing tea in your nose, throat, and chest.
  • Cranberry juice
    Try drinking cranberry juice as it makes your throat numb. 
  • Gargle salt and lemon
    Gargle salt and lemon with water in a cup for about 30 minutes.
  • Eat crushed pineapples
    Eat crushed pineapples (not sliced or whole).  Something about the acidity from the pineapples helps ease your throat.  Also this tip is great when you start to lose your voice.
  • Drink lemon juice, honey, cayenne pepper, and vinegar tonic
    In a cup, put a couple of drops of lemon juice, a couple of drops of honey, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a tablespoon of vinegar.  Fill the rest of the cup with water then gargle and swallow.  This sounds pretty nasty, but it would be worth it if it would ease a sore throat.
  • Drink Pineapple-Orange juice
    Try drinking pineapple-orange juice to soothe a sore throat.
  • Suck on an ice cube
    Try sucking on an ice cube.  It brings down the swelling in your throat. 
  • Eat mustard
    Eating a tablespoon of mustard straight from the bottle will cure a sore throat.  You should do this every two hours.  I don’t like mustard so this would be a hard tip for me.
  • Eat chocolate syrup
    Eat a teaspoon of chocolate syrup when your throat starts to feel scratchy.  The chocolate syrup helps ease the pain in your throat.

These are all the tips I have to ease a sore throat.  Feel free to try any or all of the tips here until you find one that works.  Also, feel free to add one of your home remedy tips too.  We could all use extra tips to help ease sore throats.





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  1. Wonderful tips. I never knew there are these many ways.

  2. These sound like really good remedies. Thank you.


  3. Wow..CA, this is a great collection to soothe that sore throat! I love natural remedies..thank you!

  4. I’m second BC. CA, you got all useful points here. I’ll keep this in mind, if next time I’ve a sore throat. Thanks for your valuable input, here. Clicked you “liked it”

  5. Quality and interesting health tips. I have to recommend this to a friend of mine who is a nurse at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri.

  6. These are really good remedies and the one that really works for me is gargling with vinegar. Well done.

  7. Very good suggestions, not only can ease sore throat but also can enjoy the good taste of certain nice fruit juices…

  8. Never heard of the mustard one. Will remember to tell my friends about this great tip.

  9. Haven’t heard of the other remedies mentionedhere, thanks for sharing this.

  10. These are wonderful remedies for a sore throat. You’re right. Having a sore throat is sure uncomfortable and sometimes takes days. I have gargled with salt and lemon before and found this to be helpful. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

  11. Very informative… Good article indeed.

  12. Tx for good info.

  13. Very helpful, I get lots of sore throats so I will try some of your tips.

  14. A great share, have bookmarked it for future references.

  15. I want to thank you all so much for reading my article. I really do hope these tips will help you.

  16. Wow I had no clue there were so many ways to ease a sore throat. I like the last tip about chocolate the best:+)

  17. Very useful tips here, Cheryl.

  18. well explained article!!

  19. Thanks for your tips. These are very helpful tips for a healthy throat.

  20. I was ignorant of most of the information. Thank you for enlightening me with a lot of good solutions. For taking the time.

  21. Such novel tips! I love mustard of course with something, we have to participate in musical programmes often so these are really useful.

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  25. oh cheryl, this has to be the most beneficial article i have read in a long time. it is SO USEFUL, especially when you describe the swallowing part. i had a sore throat a few months ago and when i swallowed, it was so painful. it felt like a sharp knife was slicing inside my digestive tract. my eyes would tighten and it was worst at night time. this article has provided a goldmine of helpful ideas. thanks so much for sharing. i will definately refer to this when i get my next sore throat.

  26. Great article. Well written and well researced. I get sore throats when I eat out and I order a soft drink without ice and they put ice in it. If my daughter isn’t there I drink it. If my daughter is there, she’s not shy, she makes them take it back. That’s why my husband and I say my daughters mission in life is to take care of us now that we are 69 and almost 71.

  27. Wish my mother had used some of these tips instead of what she did as a child.Her steady answer to a sore throat orr health ailment was always the same:A hot toddy.even to this day I wont drink one but they do help I admit.Great tips but I dare not tell my mother!

  28. Well researched. Very nice work. Excellent/Helpful Information.

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