5 Simple Ways to Relieve Daily Stress

Stress is a very common event in our daily lives. Here are five simple ways to help relieve that daily stress no matter how mild it may be.

My job is pretty stressful. It’s mentally and physically taxing and the hours are super long, but I’ve managed to learn some fairly simple ways keeping those stresses on the job and out of my personal life.

  1. Eat Healthy

    Your doctor says it and your mother says it, but often times we don’t. Fast food is all too tempting for our busy selves. It’s amazing how good you’ll feel after a frequent salad or some fruit. I’m always on the go (and a guy), though, so I try to remember to take a multivitamin for men.

  2. Long Showers

    I like mine hot. Really hot. They last about 20 minutes, too. In them I like to use the thick, creamy, and expensive shampoos AND conditioners. A foamy, smelly, and expensive soap goes great on your washcloth, luffa, or puff bath net. I have to recommend Neutrogena products, myself. Sure you can believe what your parents said about price/function, but the money really does make a difference in this case. For those really bad days, take a bubble bath, instead.

  3. You Want the Most Comfortable Sleep of Your Life Every Time you Hit the Sack

    A large and comfy bed with great sheets. This is very important and expensive. Not only does it encourage you to sleep longer (making you want to go to bed earlier), but you feel better rested. I have to recommend Hilton Serenity Serta California King Size and (Egyptian) cotton bed linens with high thread counts. Go pillow shopping. Don’t look at the price.

  4. Several Hobbies

    This seems difficult when you have little time (what with the 20 minute showers and no fast food), but in the time you have remaining, you should fill those up with hobby activities. A hobby can be any sort of activity which occupies your mind, but a healthy one cultivates the self. Read a book, write, discover new music, discover old music, paint, draw, study art, study philosophy, ponder, daydream, play games with friends, talk with friends, talk with strangers, play games with strangers, go exploring, go for a drive, sing karaoke.

  5. Relieve Sexual Tension

    I shouldn’t have to go into specifics here. You should feel comfortable about yourself (and your partner(s) if available). Your body should let you know when it’s time. Always be safe.

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