Amazing Healing Plants

Book review of the Amazing Healing Plants. This review is written by Leomer R. Bueza.

Amazing Healing Plants is a book written by Doctor JC Kurian. He is teaching Botany for over 35 years in the Universities and Colleges. He has a Ph.D, Doctorate in Medical Anthropology. He has been awarded of Doctor of Science due to his extensive works and publications on the field of medicinal plants.

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Dr. JC Kurian is an authority, reliable and expert figure in the field of medicinal plants.

Amazing Healing Plants follows nearly three decades of relentless research in the best interest of humanity’s wellness. It was by a kind gesture of his that the author consented to codify his findings and call it Amazing Healing Plants.”

Amazing Healing Plants is the latest breakthrough in the field of medicinal plants.

Amazing Healing Plants declares that God put all the necessary and needed nutrients and phytochemicals for health and healing in plants. Ripe Watermelon fruit is to dissolve Kidney and Gallbladder stones, while its seeds are for Hypertension. Papaya seeds are for anticancer. Juice of crushed Banana stem is for Asthma. Juice of crushed sprouted Soya Bean is for Baldness. These are the solid proofs that God created plants to have healing properties, that plants can heal diseases.

Amazing Healing Plants’ benefits:

1.      It delineates comprehensive information source of natural drugs and natural food supplements for disease prevention, First-Aid antidotes of home emergencies and health crises;

2.       Through its divulged information, the unnoticed and well-known backyard plants can be properly utilized for health and wellness;

3.      For Students and Professionals alike, it is an excellent reference-guide for their Science subject and scientific, medical inquiries;

4.      For those planning to create a Health and Wellness business, it is a great source of ideas;

5.      The medicinal plants listed are effective, economical (without side-effects) partners for patients maintenance-home-medicines.

In addition with, Amazing Healing Plants is written for reader’s convenience: Each medicinal plant featured in this book is accompanied by a lifelike photograph, its name in English and vernaculars, the plant’s curative properties, and directions for use, that these may help the reader easily identify the specific herb for specific ailment.

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  1. Thank Kuya Leomer for sharing this with me. I believe in medicinal plants. Better the natural way than synthetic drugs.

  2. Tnx uncle for sharing dis wonderful article to me..It will help me in so many ways..Godspeed!

  3. hey,thanx for sharing this amazing article…its really help the people all over the world to control thr way of leaving,its gives idea how to have a healthy life and to prevent the deases in our bodies now a days.

  4. Thank you so much Leomer for sharing this AHP for me..

  5. hi how much is the book and how can i buy?

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