Amazing Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Learn how this author fought off one of the year’s nastiest cold and flu bugs with safe, effective, do-it-yourself treatment.

On Wednesday I was feeling fine.  Barely feverish, but nothing a little Echinacea couldn’t handle.  “Maybe I’m catching what my daughter has,” I thought.

Thursday, though, was a whole other ball game.  Sometime in the middle of the night I became aware of an itchy, rashy, sand-papery (yes, that’s a technical term) sore spot in the back of my throat.  It hit me like a car crash as soon as I was fully awake: fever, aches, pains, and a throat so sore I couldn’t even think about talking without wincing.

“Gargle with some salt water,” my husband advised as he kissed me on the head and rushed out the door, quickly evading our rambunctious toddler.  Salt water.  Great.  That’s what my Mom would’ve said, so naturally I was skeptical.

Time to break out A Treasury of Natural First Aid Remedies From A to Z by James Kusick – not well worn by any means, but that’s because we don’t get sick a whole lot.  Regardless, it’s my homemaker’s bible of tried and true techniques for everything that ails you.  Bites and stings? Page 24. Constipation? Page 81.  Food poisoning? 115.  Sore throat?  Wait a minute – no listing for sore throat?

Oh…. strep throat, page 214.  Hmmm.  Could I really have strep throat?  Symptoms listed include a sudden onset of sore throat, fever, headache, nausea, depressed or melancholy mood, swollen and tender glands in the neck, and possible witish blotches inside a very red throat (visible by looking with a flashlight). 

Great.  It’s like this guy knew all my symptoms before I could even figure out what they were.  So now it looks as though I have strep throat and (gulp) no health insurance. 

I read on.  The public’s fear surrounding strep throat, I learn, is due to the onset of more nasty diseases that can occur if the condition is left untreated or doesn’t resolve itself.  Truth be told, about 1/4 of the people already carry the strep bacteria witout any noticable symptoms.  And most sore throats are automatically treated as if they were strep, even without evidence of a positive culture test – which means unnecessary exposure to generalized antibiotics.

Wow.  Sounds like I could make the obligatory call to the doctor and possibly get seen today with a screaming two-year-old in tow ($90), then take a prescription to get filled at the pharmacy ($10-$25) and I might start feeling better by Monday if the stars are in line with Jupiter. 

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  1. Yogurt has bacteria in it you dodo and does not have any antiseptic properties. More over, the RDAs for ascorbic acid (Vit C) are 60-95mg/d, not 1g three times a day. Maybe you should be more informed before you post something.

  2. @T: your offense is unwarranted. Linus Pauling, the nobel laureate who discovered vitamin C, took a daily dosage of 6,000–18,000 milligrams, and greatly increased the intake if he felt sickness coming on. Current research continues to validate increased vitamin C consumption. Vitamin C is one of the least toxic chemicals know to man, and one of the most healthful, so try to be more informed before posting yourself.

  3. Awesome I will try this. I have gotten this before and it got really bad to the point that i had abscess all in the back of my throught. I felt like something was stuck in the back of my throat so I looked today and there is a small white dot on one of my tonsils. I have also had trouble sleeping and have felt like I have a mild fever at night. I will follow this as I cannot afford to go to a doctor, Thank you for the post. It worked for you and I hope it works for me :-)

  4. Additionally Yogurt has beneficial bacteria that will compete with unhealthy bacteria for resources (potentially helping to starve them) but more importantly feeds on yeast which can also cause throat issues. So taking yogurt is valid, it won\’t hurt and might just help.

    My personal favorite is a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, and Garlic. Mix 8 oz of water with, 1-2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (depending on how much bite you like), 2 Tablespoons Honey, and 1 Tablespoon of crushed garlic (allow the garlic to sit 5 minutes after crushing to allow for the formation of allicin). Taking this mixture 2-3 times daily will vastly improve your recovery time. Everything in this mixture has antibiotic properties, and garlic is shown to increase your immune response.

    In all honesty it tastes pretty good too. About like a spicy lemonade, the hardest part to get used to are the chunks of garlic.. But that\’s not a matter of taste so much as getting used to drinking something with little chunks in it.

  5. @matt: Are you supposed to drink this concoction or just gargle it ? Seems like it would be very helpful !

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