Chest Congestion Remedies

Are you looking for remedies for chest congestion? You can check out some remedies in this article.

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Chest congestion can be terrible and painful.  If you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, or other things you may not be able to take all medicines available to cure chest congestion. I found some home remedies for chest congestion that I will share with you.  You don’t need to stop at the pharmacy for these remedies.

Take a hot shower

You should take a hot shower for chest congestion.  The steam will help loosen phlegm in your throat and sinuses.  You should inhale the steam. Unfortunately, the bathroom will get hot in the summertime.

Drink hot beverages

The steam from the hot beverage will get rid of chest congestion. You should breathe the steam deeply before each sip.  Hopefully you won’t burn your tongue when you sip the beverage.

Get towels in hot water

Wrap two towels around your chest.  Lay down under a blanket for three minutes.  You should repeat this step two times.  Wipe down your chest with a cold cloth after.

Massage your chest

A chest massage will help to strengthen the chest muscles, increase circulation, and tone up the nervous system of chest, heart and lungs.  You can do this for a few minutes for an unlimited amount of time during the day. 

Drink green tea

You should drink lots of hot green tea.  You should drink three to four cups of hot green tea for at least two days.  This should get rid of your chest congestion.  An extra tip would be to add some apple cider vinegar whenever you drink the green tea.  I must warn you that it may be nasty if you put too much vinegar in the tea.  Try one or two teaspoons of the vinegar.

Use apple cider vinegar

Put some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it across your chest, your neck, up to your ears, and your throat.  This will loosen up the phlegm in your throat.  You may not smell too hot afterwards so it will give you a chance to take a hot shower.  You will be able to combine two steps with this one.

Use a heating pad

Turn on a heating pad and place it on your chest.  Your coughing should stop and the tightness in your chest should go away.  Don’t turn the heating pad up too high or else you will burn your chest.

That’s all the tips I have.  Feel free to add any of your chest congestion remedies.  I am always interested in discovering new ways to get rid of chest congestions. I hope these help you.

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  1. Nice one to share…Great work…

  2. Very helpful idea!. We’ll need this for the up coming cold weather season. Thanks for this informative article.

  3. Interesting! I like this, very informative!

  4. This one will be very useful in the cold and flu season, thanks!

  5. Great ideas there, never used any type of vinegar for anything other than food before!

  6. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love home remedies, and these are very helpful tips!

  8. These sound like really good tips. I shall try one or two on my hubby who often suffers from chest congestion. Thank you.


  9. I believe these tips are helpful

  10. I do have chest congestion sometimes but thats only like once or twice a year but some of the tips you’ve given are pretty useful for common cold too. Some really good tips and I swear by hot towels and showers! Nothing helps relieve cold or congestion the way they do!

  11. All sound good except the Apple Cider Vinegar one
    that stuff smells nasty.

  12. These are great ideas, I don’t get chest congestion often but when do, I am miserable. I usually take a hot shower and then drink hot tea, after I step out of the tub. I still on this little kids bench, and breath in the moist heat and enjoy my tea.

    Great article

  13. These are great ideas. I do think apple cider sounds great for chest congestion. These are really helpful for those who’re suffering from chest congestion. Have my liked it.

  14. Thanks for the info. Cold season is coming up and these tips will be helpful. This is another good reason to drink Green Tea.

  15. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to check out my article. Since cold and flu season will be upon us soon enough, I hope these tips will help all of you.

  16. Great information. thanks.

  17. Yes, another good reason to drink tea. Getting a fever and lying down is better than suffering a chest congestion.

  18. I’m very congested right now I’ll give the green tea a try, thanks for the tip.

  19. Apple cider vinegar is great for sunburns. Applied either directly or a generous amount (a half litre) in the bath and soak as per usual. the vinegar will soothe and cool, reduce the redness and prevent peeling. It seems to also reduce the fever associated with severe sunburn overexposure too

  20. Thanks for the wonderful cold remedies. I am one with hypertension who cannot take antihistamines.

    Take care & God bless!

  21. very good information and a little hot toddy with lemon juice will make you feel better, too.

  22. Good stuff

    Keep the good work on

    Best Regards

  23. I’ve never heard of using Apple Cider Vinegar for sunburns like the commenter said. I used Aloe Vera gel a few years ago when I got a really bad sun burn. I went to Holiday World all day with no sunscreen on and got burnt really bad.

  24. These are indeed helpful.

  25. Very helpful Remedies!

  26. Great health tips. I felt light hearted for this, Cheryl.

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