Five Ways to Stop Itchy Sandfly Bites

Here are some natural remedies to stopping itchy sandfly bites.

Sandfly bites are one of the most annoying bites that i have ever experienced, however, during the time i have had them, here are some ways of which i used to stop me from itching.

1. Garlic – cut a clove of garlic and rub it on the bites, it works in an instant

2. Salt- fill up a bucket of water and put a tea spoon of salt in it, after that put your bites in the bucket, wait for 2 minutes before taking your bites out, make sure not to dry it off with a towel or anything, make the leg dry out naturally, it stops the bites very quickly.

3. Citrus juice-anything with citrus juice or tastes bitter will stop the itching.

4. Aloe Vera- If you have a aloe vera plant, i would recommend breaking a bit off and rubbing it on your bites, i’m pretty sure you can also use anything with aloe vera and rub it on your bites.

5. Toothpaste- This may seem pretty gross but toothpaste works, take a bit of toothpaste and paint it on your bites, however, this may take a while for the toothpaste to take effect, this is the one i used the most during my time of having sandfly bites.

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