Health Benefits Honey and Cinnamon – Your Body’s Miracle Medicine

Honey and cinnamon is said to cure the majority of diseases.

Honey and cinnamon is said to cure the majority of diseases. You probably have two things standing in your kitchen, so it’s just getting started using it. The following examples, I was handed this summer and I have since even a daily intake of honey and cinnamon as both tea drinks and a creamy mass, which I take with a spoon. On my body, this magazine test eliminated a stubborn cystitis and some very tenacious I’ve had in years. Normally I am not really much for all these miracle cures, you get stabbed in the hand, but this I must just share with you and me and hopes that others can benefit from the tips below. 

Honey medicinal properties: The human stomach works honey primarily as a stabilizer in acid balance and also has a good effect on digestion. Honey also has a good effect on the liver, as the taxes the liver is the body’s main chemical factory and its main function is detoxification but also on the kidneys, bladder and pancreas works honey stimulating.

The honey contains up to 13 different sugars, up to 25 minerals, a small amount of proteins, enzymes, albumins and vitamins and also some substances that have not been able to locate and determine. The more different flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs bees get nectar from the healthier honey, ask your beekeeper where his bees have pulled off. It is important that the honey is thrown cold – otherwise it has no medical effect as only cold thrown honey contains vitamins and minerals.

Cinnamon medicinal properties: Cinnamon is one of the plants has a thousand-year history with roots in the Jewish and Egyptian cultures. Besides being used as a spice, cinnamon has also several good properties as a medicine. This ordinary kitchen spice can act bactericidal. The study may require treatment infections caused by such. Staphylococci or streptococci are killed by the familiar spice. Cinnamon kills harmful bacteria and has rich antioxidants. Few drops of cinnamon oil have been known to be able to preserve food, and it is said that cinnamon can affect brain functions in a positive direction. 

When you mix these two honeys and cinnamon then you have your body’s miracle medicine that is also a very tasty stuff. Read through the examples below use what you can and learn where and how the mixture of honey and cinnamon can be beneficial to your body.

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  1. Honey and cinnamon also benefits in skin diseases

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  3. what you mean by cold thrown honey ? does that mean refrigerated ?

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