Helpful Herbs for Sore Throat

A list of powerful herbs to remedy/treat sore throat.


  • The German use eucalyptus to treat sore throats. The aromatic oil has a cooling effect on inflamed tissue. And the tannins exert soothing astringent action. Add a few teaspoon crushed leaf per cup of boiling water. Drink it.
  • The Chinese use powdered, dried honeysuckle flowers to treat sore throat, colds, flu, bronchitis, tonsillitis, and pneumonia. It has over 20 antiseptic compounds. Honeysuckle flower extract is equally powerful.
  • Both Europeans and Chinese use licorice to treat sore throat. Add 5-7 teaspoons licorice root pieces to 3 cups water. Bring it to a boil; simmer until half the water is boiled away. Then cool, and drink. It will also help you spit out the phlegm.
  • Garlic is a powerful remedy for sore throat. It is both antiviral (for colds) and antibacterial (for sore throat). Make a tea and gargle with it.
  • Both goldenseal and Echinacea fight bacterial and viral infection. (But do not take goldenseal over a week at a time or during pregnancy.) Gargling with fenugreek tea will help relieve a sore throat. Marshmallow root tea soothes a scratchy, itchy throat. Hot mullein poultices soothe sore throats.
  • Drink sage tea and inhale its hot vapors. It will help open nasal and head passages. A vinegar compress to the throat will relieve the most painful sore throat. Add a pinch of cayenne and a teaspoon of wintergreen oil to ½ cup apple cider vinegar. Soak strips of cloth, place around throat, with dry wool cloth over that.
  • Mix ginger with lemon juice and honey. And gargle with it. Other powerful herbs for sore throats include: marshmallow, agrimony, myrrh, plantain, slippery elm, German chamomile, and myrtle.
  • An old herb doctor makes these suggestions: Gargle with cayenne tea, a half teaspoon to a cup. Put an onion poultice on the neck overnight, for 2-3 nights. Rub kerosene on the outside of the neck and cover it with warm flannel.

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  1. Thanks for these very useful tips, gift. I have booked marked this.

  2. Thanks for the tips. A natural medicine is always better.

  3. A very useful series of medical entries.

  4. Eucalytus – i have boiled the leaves and used the water for bathing and i have inhaled it, but drinking it? Should try sometime.

    Similarly, we use licorice to make infusions. We can suck a small piece of licorice to help with sore throat. It stops the irritation immediately.

    Your articles on alternatve medicines are excellent.

  5. @Uma – The Germans drink it, at least that’s what I found out in my research and that’s what my friend German herbalist said too.

  6. very useful info on sore throat. It’s miserable to have sore throat, and many have suggested to drink more plain water. One Indian colleague ever suggested to dip in butter into black coffee (must be a very oil coffee, so did not try).
    I usually will take those black Hudson sweet to soothe the throat.

  7. Thanks for the good information. I will bookmark this one for later use during cold and flu season.

  8. Very informative. Glad to hear that there are so many natural ways to cope with sore throat. Thanks for sharing.

  9. All very good remedies and also hot salty water for a gargle works well.

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  13. Sore throat is my usual problem. I like this because it’s all natural. Thanks.

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  15. Not sure whether they sell eucalyptus leaves here… Anyway, great advice here, mate! :)

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  22. I’m adding…put few drops of Eucalyptus oil in your tub, when you have a hot water bath. You feel refreshed and relaxed.

  23. Thanks, Jewelstar.

  24. These herbs are quite powerful. And eucalyptus is pretty cool scented too.

  25. These herbs are quite powerful. And eucalyptus is pretty cool scented too. Great article.

  26. Awesome job researching these herbs.

  27. Awesome job in researching these herbs – shared this in my blog if you don’t mind.

  28. These are all very helpful remedies for a sore throat.

  29. considering the frequency of sore throat I get, these are very informative share

  30. Thanks for reminding me of a few things I’ve forgotten. With winter almost over here in NZ and Spring on the way, the season of allergies and sore throats is looming.

  31. good share and really effective herbs for sore throat.

  32. Herbal is the best way to go. Good article.

  33. Good call for the throat Gift cheers

  34. this will help me nowadays as i’m suffering from throat infections that goes on and off, sigh..flu season

    and…i learned something very interesting and that is, garlic is good remedy, this is good as garlic is always handy

    thank you my friend :)

  35. Very good and very useful share for a common health problem.Thanks for sharing.

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