Homemade Fat Burning Oil

Did you know that there are certain homemade products that you can use to burn the fat on your body?

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on products that claim to help you burn fat. You can create your own fat burning gel with ingredients you may already have at home. Here is what you need.

Extra virgin coconut oil

Fine ground coffee

Small mixing bowl


Warm water


Here is what you do:

- Take five teaspoons of coconut oil

-Place the coconut oil in a mixing bowl and mix until melted

-Take two teaspoons of coffee and blend with warm water

- Mix the coconut oil and coffee mixture together until smooth

-Apply the mixture to your affected area and cover with a bandage, wear overnight

-In the morning rinse off thorougly and apply and coconut oil.

Continue to apply on a nightly basis until you see an improvement in the affected area.

You must also remember to drink at least two litres of water on a daily basis, to help with the fat burning process.

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