How to Bring a Fever Down Naturally

Help for those wanting to help bring down a fever naturally.


  • No one likes waking up in the middle of the night finding their little one burning with a fever, shaking with chills and totally uncomfortable.  There is a battle raging in your child, if you give medicine to bring down the fever it may take your child’s body longer to get through the flu.
  • If your child’s fever is in a safe range, then try bringing it down or controlling it from getting too high naturally.

Cool Washcloths

  • Get a big bowl of cool water with a few ice cubes in it and about 4 washcloths or hand towels.  Lay the child on a large towel to keep the bedding from getting wet.
  • Dip the washcloths into the water, wring lightly then wrap around the child’s leg between the knee and ankle.  Do this for both legs.  Then place another washcloth on their forehead. 
  • Put a blanket across the body to keep from getting the chills if needed. When the washcloths get warm dip back into the cool water.  If the water becomes warm then refill with fresh cool water and a couple ice cubes.
  • You can use your hands to gently rub the feet to make them feel warmer.  This is also soothing to the child.  If their feet gets too cold you can put a sock on them.

Vinegar wipe

  • Solution of 50/50 water and vinegar.  Soak the rags in the vinegar solution and wrap around the legs, like instructed above.  This helps draw the fever down.
  • Be careful of cuts and scratches as the vinegar may sting.

Garlic & Olive Oil

  • Crush cloves of garlic and mix with olive oil.  Wrap in gauze and place on soles of feet, then put on socks.  Keep on until fever breaks.

Tepid Baths

During the daytime hours place the child in the tub with tepid water.  Do Not use hot water, this can raise the fever and send the child into convulsions.  You can place plenty of toys in there, read books, or put bubbles in the water. 

After about 30 minutes of the above treatments the fever usually becomes stable and the child is then comfortable enough to sleep off the rest of the sickness in relative comfort.

If the child’s eyes start to roll back into their head, or they start to convulse or become faint, call your doctor or advice nurse and have them talk you through the steps you should take.  Usually at this point you will be instructed to give the children Tylenol or the equivalent.

But for just the run of the mill fevers that are more bothersome than life threatening, the cool soaks with the washcloth or tub does wonders.  You can also use this for adults as well.

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