How to Cope with Headaches?


Not always be a way of eliminating drug headache. Apparently a lot of ways that can be used to relieve headaches without medication. Most people say drugs can quickly relieve pain, but in fact there is naturally a more powerful way to mitigate the disease. Here’s how,

1. Drink plenty of water
Water can relieve thirst, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily routine can make a variety of embedded systems in our bodies to work optimally. Yag drink enough water your body will maintain stability and avoid the disease.

2. massage the head
To massage the head for 15 minutes is pretty good for pain relief. Use the thumb and index finger to massage the affected part.

3. Using Ice Cubes
Ice cube is cold because it is useful also to numb the pain of the head. If you are a headache because of stress or strain, try using icepack on the back of the head or neck.

4. close your eyes
Such headaches are usually due to radiation, especially radiation computer. Try to close your eyes for a moment while at rest. In order not to glare at the light from the computer.

5. nap
If you’re really tired, then sleep is the solution. Do not push yourself, because it will cause disease, one of which is a headache. Sleeping with a normal capacity will make your body refreshed in the morning.

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