How to Naturally Relieve Congestion

Are you sick of being sick? Learn what you might already have in your cupboards to help relieve your cold and flu symptoms.

Cold and flu season is here, the sniffles, the fever and the cough. Most of us are prone to getting any or all of these symptoms at least once this winter season. As most of you know I am a big fan of home remedies so here is some great natural remedies to help relieve and cure congestion.

When most of us get congested we run to the pharmacy and get some kind of expectorant and decongestants, but what most of us don’t realize is that we have natural expectorants right in our kitchen cupboards. For instance did you know that onions are a natural form of decongestant and expectorant. Sometimes just simply cutting up a large raw onion will help relieve the build up and will instantly start loosening the mucus. More effectively though eating the raw onion works best, have it on a sandwich or with some cold pasta or green salad. If you are like me and don’t like raw onion keep some onions slices and honey mixed together in a glass jar. Keep refrigerated and whenever you feel congested simply swallow a few spoonfuls.

Onions aren’t the only foods to use as a decongestant, try spicy foods like salsa or chilli, and any other spicy recipes especially those using chilli peppers ( any kind ). The heat in the spicy flavour helps to relieve the congestion be careful if you are prone to heartburn or are normally not recommended to eat spicy foods.

Okay so you don’t want to eat onions or spicy foods I hear ya! Try using steam as a natural decongestant, steam can be a miracle for some. Using a steam vaporizer helps break up mucus, try adding a little eucalyptus oil to the steam this works wonders. If you don’t have a steam vaporizer try a steamy shower, or sit in the bathroom while the hot shower runs. Or, heat a large pan with water till it boils, or large tea kettle, again you can add eucalyptus oil if you want. Pour hot water into heat proof bowl, make a tent with a towel or cloth over your head and inhale the steam. PLEASE BE CAREFUL…you may want to let the water cool for a few minutes…you don’t want to get burned.

*try using a finger full of vics vapo rub in the bottom of the bowl before pouring hot water, try this instead of eucalyptus oil

If you are unsure about using any natural remedies please speak to your doctor or persons who regularly gives you medical treatment. If you want to look for other natural remedies go to your local organic store, ask for products they recommend and read every

lable. Keep life simple and natural and remember when you get sick rest, relaxation and plenty of fluids are the best natural remedies of all….

More natural remedies

A table spoon of honey helps relieve sore throats.

Lemon tea with or with our honey helps sore throats and coughs as well..

Nasal rinse for congestion and allergy symptoms, using a saltwater mix in large bowl, cup water into your hand and breath in water mixture through one nostril and drain in a sink, do the same for the other nostril. This will feel weird even gross and you may swallow some, that’s okay it’s not harmful. Do this once a day to help nrelive symptoms, some inexpensive saline nasal drops can be purchased online if you don’t want to make your own. And can be found in most pharmacies..

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  1. Thanks for sharing I didn’t know about some of these! ^_^

  2. “….breath in water mixture through one nostril and drain in a sink”

    There are ‘nasal lavage kits’ for sale in drug stores for about $10.00 maybe, that do this far more effectively than this attempt to inhale a lungful of water.
    Its a ’small teapot’ basically, that you prepare of warm water and salt, and with your head inverted over a sink basin or tub, introduce the water to one nostril and let it overflow out the other, holding the saline water in as long as comfortable before turning head upright and ‘blowing your nose’ to expel the water & mucus. It is a yoga-thing, I am told, but its efficacy goes beyond yoga-cleansing.

    This can be quite effective at loosening ‘long term’ mucus that does not otherwise come out in regular ‘nose blowing.’ Sometimes, shockingly so! The sinus cavities can hold about a cup or so of this saline solution and yes, -it does feel ‘weird’ and takes a bit of getting used to without the fearful sensation of drowning…

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