How to Reduce a Fever

Tips for bringing a high temperature down.

Having a fever is your bodies way of fighting an infection. However, when it gets to high, over 101.0 degrees, you may want to start getting it down. Here are some ideas on how to do just that.

  1. Getting plenty of rest is a big one. Give yourself a break and get back in bed, give your body time to heal itself.
  2. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, mainly water, you do not want to get dehydrated. Between eight and ten eight ounce glasses a day or even more when sick. This will also help to cool your bodies internal temperature.
  3. Climb into a nice warm bath. Not cold water and not hot water, just warm.
  4. Your wrists and feet play a big role when body temperature comes into play. If your fever begins to escalate, cool your wrists or feet with a damp wash cloth.
  5. Try an over the counter medication, there are many that help in reducing a fever. Tylenol and ibuprofen work very, but if you are not sure ask your store pharmacist.
  6. Take off the extra blankets and sweat shirt. Even though you may feel like you have the chills, bundling up will only cause your body to heat up.
  7. Wear a wet t-shirt or pair of socks. Run them under water and ring them out really good so they are wet, but not dripping. Then put them on. This is a really good one for kids.
  8. Do not turn up the heat in the house, if anything turn on a fan, to get the air circulating. The breeze from the fan will feel great on a fever induced body.
  9. Enjoy a Popsicle or two. These also work really well for children who do not want to drink anything.
  10. When you have tried everything, and the fever just keeps going up, see a doctor. This is very important when it comes to children and babies.
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  1. I never knew that cooling your wrists could be helpful. Great article.

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. i love that idea

  3. fevers suckk

  4. I also have a fever :(

  5. Poo on fevers! I am at the point of no return, hopefully these rags cool me down if not, doctor here i come.

  6. i hate fevers i had 100.4 earlier on but it went down to 99.8. i put a wet cloth on my forehead, rested my body in the couch(not in my bed because i feel more sick)and ate a cambel soup…i feel a little better now…i hope this goes away soon!!

  7. Im seek at the time, hate it

  8. this is helpful. i got the flu thursday and i have homecoming tonight. im hoping to bring down my fever so i can go. my fever has been all over the place from 99.5 to 104.7

  9. I HATE FEVERS!!! I have no idea what my temp is because we don\’t have a thermometer! I hope these ideas help me! = P

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