How to Wear Contact Lenses Effortlessly and Without Pain

Here are some helpful tips on how wear contact lenses like a certified pro, without pain or agony.

Wearing contact lenses is an excellent way to correct poor eyesight and still maintain an active flexible lifestyle, as opposed to wearing eye glasses. However, new contact lens wearers always experience one fundamental problem – they cannot place the soft lens on their eyes. It’s a mixed emotion of fear of touching the eyeballs, and worry that placing the lens might inflict pain.


If you are one of those people having a hard time placing contact lenses, or if you’re planning to wear contacts but you’re hesitating to do so for fear of being hurt, I understand what you’re going through. I had the same fears before I made a switch from glasses to contacts. The first time I bought contacts, the ophthalmologist actually gave up trying to place the lens on my eyes. We stayed inside the “fitting room” for more than an hour, but to no avail, my eyes just closes each time the ophthalmologist tried to fit the lens upon my eyeballs. I just can’t do it.

my lens

I asked the ophtalmologist in a humorous tone: “Do I now hold the world record for the longest time elapsed for fitting a contact lens?” She instantly answered with a frown: “YES”. That night, I went home thinking I’m a big hopeless case.

But two days later, I decided to tackle the whole thing all over again. So I gathered courage and started to take it on my own. No ophtalmologist. No one watching. For my eyes only. After some trial and error, I discovered that the whole thing WAS EASIER THAN I THOUGHT. Now, I can insert and remove a contact lens like a certified pro. I realized that it’s only the FEAR that keeps me from doing what I need to do. It’s the FEAR that paralyzes me. The moment I dismantled FEAR from my system, I was able to enjoy the benefits of a new experience.

Vision Without The Contact Lenses

Before I give you the steps of how to effortlessly wear a contact lens, let me give you a few guidelines first. These tips will help you cut the learning curve and avoid learning the hard way like I did:

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  1. I wear glasses for reading but I admire people who have learned how to wear contacts and put them in! Vanity can challenge almost anyone to try new things. Good on you.

  2. I got my first pair of contacts when i was in the 5th grade, they were extended wear. I could use them with no problems the full 2 weeks, my optometrist took a little study in this and had me go in every day to monitor the wear comfort and health. I went for 2 months with no problems and he threw in the towel. from that i went on my own and averaged 6 to 8 months before swapping them out for a fresh pair. The optometrists never see a problem and I never tell of the wear time.. I am a heavy smoker, work with power tools and paints ect.. I am now 41 years old and probably have a world record for wear time, I put the pair I am wearing in now the beginning of May 2007 and still going 8-14-2008.

  3. is it normal if ur eyes become a little reddish.. just a LITTLE, after removing the conacts?

  4. You should make sure that your hands are VERY clean when removing contacts. It is normal for your eyes to be a little red after lens removal. But if it becomes too red, you are irritated. Use a few drops of saline solution and rest your eyes for a while. If irritation persists, consult your physician.

  5. Oh god, my fear of contact lenses is just very huge. I think though, it’s mostly the FEAR that keeps me from wearing ‘em. My flinch reflex is very strong and my mom was looking on the entire time and telling me, “Honey, please stop jerking”. XD

    The weird thing is, I used to wear contacts when I was younger. But my mom put them in and out for me. The I stopped for a few years and now that I’m 17, I suddenly seemed to have developed a phobia. >__<

    Today I tried putting on the new contacts I bought for the first time. I actually succeeded (only for the left eye though), then it came to the “taking out” part. Unfortunately, I freaked out really badly. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it out. So my mom did it for me in the end. *sigh*
    I do hope I’ll be able to successful put the contacts in and take ‘em out for BOTH EYES in the end.

    TO IJ: Yeah, it’s normal. You should have seen how red my eyes got at the failed attempt at getting it out.

  6. am 18yrs old nd I actually use glasses only during my classes..i don use em otherwise nd ths resulted in increse of my eye power………i feel very uncomfortable in usin lens…i feel it is very problematic cos i hav to be even more careful so tat i don get my eyes inffected……minute dust may result in irritation so should i continue with power glasses or try usin lens……..

  7. I am 28 years old and I got my first contact lenses 3 days back. I am using the bausch and lomb Purevision Toric lenses.
    Surprisingly It was so easy to wear them and taking it out.
    The doctor who helped me was successfully able to place the lenses in my eyes in the first attempt. Then I was also able to wear them and take it off in the first go and the entire process took more than 2 minutes. I guess I was prepared for it and the doctor told me the correct tip to use them. Now it is my third day of wearing the contact lenses and I think they are lot more better than glasses. The vision lot clearer and as they are Toric lenses to I have a really good corrective vision. These lenses are of monthly use.

  8. I recently had to get glasses, went in for contacts and no matter what we tried I couldn’t see with them. The doctor said I had a light astigmatism and the contacts (we tried all the brands they had) only seemed to make my vision blury to the point where I couldn’t even read the eye chart (yep the big E on top was a black blob). Though they claimed over and over the contacts were my correct perscription I think they were very wrong. I had the doctor put them in and again same issue, blury vison. I can see perfeclty well with the glasses (their only for distance), but not with contacts. I really wanted contacts because I don’t like wearing glasses. So I guess I will just return my glasses and compete with blury vision.

  9. i am just like you.I am a big couward.But i have to made it at any how.I have to get rid of my fear.

  10. I bought my first contact lens last sunday. The optometrists installed it to my eyes in 15 20 minutes with heavy resistance from my blinking eyes. After that it took 1 hour to me to wear contact lenses. and 15 20 mintues to remove them.
    Today i read vernial’s post and i will try his procedure.

    Thanks Vernial..

  11. im scared to wear contact lenses..
    are you sure it’s easy.?

  12. i’m xhara. i’m Yr. 11 here in NZ=] I’m gonna have my contact lens 2 months from now.. I’m a lil` bit scared cause i’m putting it just to have a good looking eyes.. I’m a lil` bit scared but I’m ready to face it.. Thanks! roiizx=]

  13. I got my Bausch & Lomb soft contact lenses 3~4 weeks back i.e. in mid September 2009. I feel so compfortable while wearing lenses. 1 strange problem I have is when I wear glasses, my left eye feels like stiching & it blinks like something has broken inside. So It is must for me to use lenses always.

    Some times I take hardly 2 mins to put both lenses, some times if eye flickers a lot it takes 45 mins. It’s boring when it takes too much time to fix in eyes. But once fixed, it feels cool all the day.
    Glasses are my enemies. I really feel pain in left eye after wearing glasses/spectacles.

    I agree with others it’s easy to wear lens in left eye, but to fix it in right is a bit difficult. And specially fi your vision isnt that clear then you have to go close to mirror if you are a newbie. My power is -3.5 & 4.0 so I need to stick a bit close to mirror.
    I am from INDIA by the way and 25 yrs old male. I spend 8~10 hours every day in front of computer wearing lenses. But so far no problem. May be because my eyes are extra wet … :-)

  14. Two years ago,i tried putting them in but i kept flinching.
    It also sucks because everyone’s getting contacts now and i feel kinda stupid for not being able to do it. Also, the eye doctor yelled at me for not being able to put it in, though when he forced them in for me, it was really cool wearing them for once. I went there twice, both times giving up.

    Oh and this was the type where you can only bring the contacts home if you could prove to him you are able to put them in.
    Even all my friends who recently got contacts took only 15 or 30 mins. I never tried again after all that, especially since most my friends said i probably won’t be able to do it because I flinch when im nervous.
    Im not really sure if i just lack the skill of doing it, or being pressured.

  15. Are there contact lenses that you can inside out? I mean you can put the contact lens to your eyes either the inner and outer lens…

  16. 1 thing to say- THANKYOU VERY VERY MUCH.

  17. Hi guys..I appreciate the many comments made on this post during the past few months. An average of 50 to 100 people read this article everyday, and it’s a great feeling to have given some help to would-be contact lense wearers.

    Yesterday, I had a slight irritating experience with my contact lens. I stayed up late at night working on a college paper..and the next morning..I had to go to class very early. SO I only had 2 to 3 hours of sleep.

    That morning, I was in a hurry and just quickly placed my contact lenses to my very tired eyes. At that point I didn’t feel anything yet, but when I got to class, I felt a searing sensation from both my left and right a needle was being pierced through them. I suffered from that kind of pain for ten to fifteen minutes, and the people around me thought that I had a sudden emotional breakdown…lol

    The lesson is this: Don’t put on your lenses when you just came from many hours of computer radiation…and when you lack sleep. Make sure your eyes are rested well before you place any foreign instrument for vision enhancement.

    Verniel Cutar
    Manila, Philippines

  18. Uhm… You said you got it in 5th grade, and then all of a sudden you were 41.. You said you got them in like 2007, meaning you should only be about 13.?

  19. I was like u guys too,scared to wear the contact lens for the first time.It is because i used to wear the glasses since primary 5.As usual,the eye doctor gave me the precautions on how to wear them on.But i just failed to do so.I kept blink my eyes till the eye doctor had to help me wear on and off.*sigh*.Then,I started to have a phobia.The next day,I told to myself I must not scared to wear them,so,to reduce my fear,i tuned on the radio then i tried put them on.It took me for 3 hours ,then I took them out with a relief.Hope i will make it usual from now on….If you were a girl,just thought because of beauty!!! Don\’t give up

  20. today i tried putting on my contact. this is the first time in my life so i was kinda scared. i spent 1 hour infront of the mirror trying to put it on but to no avail. whenever the contacts touch my eye lashes i just shut my eyes. i just cant seem to open them no matter what.

  21. Hi, there. I could understand exactly what you said you went through with the ophtalmologist. Just got back from that ordeal. Thankfully, the ophtalmologist was extremely patient and kept telling me to relax. I did manage to wear it once and take it out once but with extreme difficulty. Thank you for the article. You make it sound so simple. I’m going to try it your way. Wish me luck! :)

  22. Hey, quick question, i have normal hard contact leses, and i was wondering if would be able to wear them for around about 30 hours?? please let me know asap!! thanks!! :)

  23. I started wearing contacts last summer, 2009. I left them in for a day at first. then i left them in for two, then four, then weekly, then every two weeks, and now every month/ 4 weeks, so for every month you have contacts, you can double the amount of time u have them in. now i have them in since 4/22/10. right now it is 5/20/10. I am replacing them in a day or two.
    I am saying this because eventually you don’t even have to think about contacts but every month. I don’t recommend wearing them for more than a month.

  24. I just bought contacts and put them in after an hour of struggling.

    I really am one of those super paranoid and really sensitive to eye contact type, but i still got it in! which i find amazing.

    my hands were trembling all the time in nervousness! but since i did it alone i had all the time in the world to try and retry all i want without pressure.

    i think its good to get yourself frustrated and then you\’d be losing fear that way and focus more on getting it in, haha.

    the best thing to do is to endure because it works different ways for everyone. for me, i had to look at the big finger coming towards me instead of looking up since i can\’t anticipate it that way. then all i did was just keep on trying to make it stick there while concentrating on keeping my pupils center. also, eyelashes, keep it out of reach. it activates some auto-blink system which is really irritating. but then suddenly it\’d be in and you\’ll realize u can touch your eye without flinching too much.

    as for taking it out, make sure your nails are short. and then just keep getting ur eyes used to contact and calmly pinch it out. at first, it\’d be difficult due to two fingers trying to poke your eye, but the basic thing is always this. try, try and try again.

  25. Thank you! You really helped a lot. I just tried just now with no one, and I succeeded! Gracias!

  26. Ur exp made me feel more secure hehe xD
    Thanks!!! :) ))

    I just got contact lenses yesterday and i was really frustrated cus i couldnt put it in for a really long time! :( i just placed mine in!:D

    once agn thank you!:)))

  27. I just got my lenses today and my mom told the doctor she’d help me. When we sat down to do it we couldnt get it in. I just kept blinking and closing my eyes, or kept looking away. How we got them in, God knows, but we did after a whole lot of trying. I read the steps and am ready to try it out myself!

  28. Thanks – this is a really helpful article :) I just started wearing contacts and my optometrist told me three tricks. 1) when you are holding your top lid open do it from under the lashes, not by the lashes or above them – apparently if you hold from under the top lashes it makes it much much harder to reflex-blink. 2) hold your eye as super wide open as you can. 3) When the lens makes contact with your eye, move your eye around – it really helps the lens suction on to your eye quickly. Whenever i am having a bit of trouble I focus on doing these two things and I usually get it within a couple of tries :)

  29. are you kidding? that’s horrible for your eyes! contacts are only supposed to last a certain amount of time before you should not wear them anymore because they wear away. you could seriously damage your eyes.

  30. @ Mason Windu and any other people who are saying to wear your contacts for extended periods:
    Doing that can really damage your eyes, causing infection or ulcers. You Dr should have told you why you DON’T want to do that. Think about it: How much is your vision worth to you? Are you willing to damage it (temprorarily or permanently) for the sake of a few dollars or being lazy?
    Not me. And any new wearer should not take the advice of me or any other person on the messageboards/blogs about how long you can leave them in. That info is info to get and follow from your eyecare professional.
    How to get them in or out is a different story. Even my Dr said that there are different ways for different people…do whatever you find works for you.

    Thanks for the tips on getting them in and out.

  31. I got contacts yesterday :) I was so excited this morning but when i put it in my left eye , it started to feel weird and was irritating so i took em out and wore my glasses to school , so i jus got home (half day) and it literally took me 2 minutes to get them in , but it also hurt a little from rubbing my eye ( without the contact in ) and i also got some solution in my eye which was uncomfortable but after closing my eyes for 20 seconds then opening they felt fine , as you can tell , im no pro (yet) but it takes time !

  32. Wearing contact lenses has always been my problem. I am already wearing glasses and how to put on contact lenses is always been a frustration for me. When attending to parties, I would like to wear contacts so as not to be looked like a geek with my glasses. Since I just keep on blinking while putting on the lenses, I just feel that I can’t. Your post has been very helpful and keep myself reminding that I can.

  33. Sounds alot like my first experience with contacts, the doc gave up and left me to do it on my own. Her assistant even tried to help me and it still took 3 hours to successfully put them in. A few tries later it became much easier :)

  34. thanks for the tips… really useful.. today i went to get my contact lens n i also had a very terrible time putting these lenses…. my eyes kept shutting and blinking… i struggled for an hour for that…. luckily the optometrist was patient n he taught me well and asked me to keep calm and relax…. and at last i managed to do it and tomorrow i’m going to practice putting on my lenses…. hope with this tips i’ll do it….. thanks once again everyone!!!!!!!

  35. Darling,

    Thank you so much for the tips, I have bought a pair of Green Contact Lens few weeks ago, and still haven’t open or use them. Because I’m still afraid of hurting my eyes, causing irritation and stuffs like that.

    I really love those Color Lenses. *sighs* Guess I have to force myself to wear it tomorrow or perhaps, tonight.


  36. Best Guide to Wear and Remove Soft Lenses.

    Wearing soft lenses is an easier way to tackle eyesight problems, it is true that starting week will be like you are going through a stupid activity, dipping lens again and again, clean them, dropped, oh again picked them cleaned them, like that lolzz, but after 2 or 3 weeks, your lens would be your friend,
    I have few advices for people who want to use soft lens and are worried because of infection and problem in wearing it.
    1- When you get ready to wear lens, clean your hands with water properly, make your your hands should not have any dust, pick out a lens from box, never dip it again in solution once you are ready to put in.
    2- Don’t rub the lens, dont place it on your hand, palm, fingers etc, just hold it with 1mm part of it from edge.
    3- Usually people use index finger for it, but i have experienced, this finger has a problem of stickiness, lens might become a layer on your finger while you are inserting it in eye.
    4- Use your middle long finger, place the lens on the tip of your long finger, wait that lens should not have any droplet of solution, open your eye while holding upper and lower lid, upper lid with other hand and lower lid with third finger.
    5- Keep your finger tip having lens on your eyeball, and keep it softly for 20 seconds, dont close your eye, remove your long finger from front, but keep your eye opened.
    6- See in mirror either lens is properly stick on eyeball or not, it is not most of the cases, and if it is or it is not, in both cases, move your eyeball for 10 seconds, if lens is in lower side of eye, move your eyeball downside.
    7- Once you are sure, now blink your eye softly once, and see, lens is dropped or caught by eye.
    8- I hope you will be comfortable and lens would be properly placed on your eyeball.
    9- Avoid dust, but dont be so much consious about it.
    10- Clean the lens if it is dropped and repeat the same procedure again.

    Removal of Soft Lens
    1- Don’t press your eyeball while removing the lens.
    2- Just use index finger and thumb, gently join them on your eyeball.
    3- Your lens would be in your hand.
    4- Rub it softly on your palm with solution for 30 sec.
    5- Clean it and place it in box.
    6- Take a rose water, put three to four drops in each eye. Lie down on bed, and put them then.
    7- Repeat the same case, when you would get up and ready to wear them again.

    Rose water is the best technique to avoid infection. You must be addicted of this natural gift.

  37. i’m farid from malaysia ,
    i bought my contact lens secretly and don’t get a consult from the optemrist,
    i just depend on my friend who also wear contact lens ,
    i only use it when plaing football or rugby . i took 30 minutes to put on my lens with my friend who hold my eyes . LOL pray for me to wear this more comfartable

  38. I just bought my contacts today, tried it on at home and it took me about 40 mins just to put it in but that just for my left eye =( cant seemed to put it in for my right eye. kept on blinking. hopefully will be able to get used to it soon =/

  39. Thank you so much!! I really needed these information, so it really doesn’t hurt and only tickles…? I really have problems putting it in, just can’t seem to stop blinking.

  40. I tried it years ago. After an hour and my finger not getting a millimeter closer, I gave up and I never tried that stunt again. I’d like to know how long it took the inventor of contacts took to test his invention by inserting them. Someone has to be the test pilot!

    Now, the inventor had some serious motivation – to prove it’s possible. If he couldn’t he could never make money from it and someone else would be first. So, if it took hours until getting them in and then out it would be worth it. The inventor, having nobody to tell him anything for a clue, has to hold the world record for time used to get contacts in the first time.

  41. I’m getting contacts soon and I wanted to get used to touching my eyes so the process at the optometrist would be quick. This is all great advice, but what worked great for me was touching my eye in the dark. This takes away being able to see my finger. Try it out! This method worked great for me!

  42. Contact lenses are not purely a vanity thing or to look “good.” I wear mine for sports. Also, I know some people who have very strong prescriptions and they switched to contacts to improve their peripheral vision.

    It took me a while to learn to put them in and take them out. When I was learning, the optometrist didn’t put them in for me, instead coached me in putting them in myself. It took me a couple of appointments but I got it:)

    Ultimately, it just takes some time to get comfortable with “touching” your eye. I think the key is to be relaxed and not tense. Have confidence in yourself.

  43. The first successfully worn contacts were made of blown glass in around 1887. Think of that next time you use today’s soft hydrogel contacts.

  44. I tried conact lenses a few months ago. I couldn’t stop flinching and blinking whenever the contact lens came anywhere near my eye (both me and the optition tried) and in the end I cried a bit because I got frustrated and then I quit… I pretended my eyes were watering because of the contact lenses :( im really annoyed at myself how I couldn’t get them in even after 45 minutes of being in SpecSavers. I’m thinking of going for anOther appointment. Any tips? :(

  45. I’ve never had any problem getting contacts in. I just open my eyes as wide as I can and slowly move it in until my finger is very close and then the edges of the contact touch my eye. When I blink then I can sort of hear it suction to my eye if it was positioned right. Its a little hard not to blink too early, but hold a clean hand under your eye to catch the contact if you’re not sure so you don’t lose it, rinse it with multipurpose solution and try again.

    I hate getting contacts out since I can usually move it to the side of my cornea, but the pinch doesn’t always work. It doesn’t stick to my fingers and release the suction and often gets trapped in the corner of my eye or under my eyelid and I can’t get it to center again so I can find it, and I can’t see much while its not centered. Aargh, I hate removing them. Horrible.

  46. Hi,I just got my contact lenses yesterday and it was perfectly fine when I put them on yesterday but when I put them on today all by myself it was really painful(feels kinda like when you cut the onion) and I kept on having tears running out of my eyes for about say 5 minutes but it was ok after that…still wondering what’s the problem.

  47. I got my pair of contact lense in May 1963 when I was in eigth grade. They are hard plastic and thinted blue. As of this day I am still wearing the same pair. I think I have the worlds record of wearing the same pair of lenses for fifty years. I lost the left on twice and found it and the right one once. I contacted the Genis Book of World Records being told they do not keep record of things like this.
    I called the optomologist (Kenneth Royer, MD) wjo fitted them in 1963 and learned he passed away several years before I called. His son told me.
    My parents taught me to take care of things of which I have done!
    Gerry Mills Email:

  48. Thank you for the instructions, I’m so gonna do that!


  49. Thank you for the instructions, I\’m so gonna do that!


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