How to Whiten Your Teeth Fast

Here is a short guide on how to whiten your teeth overnight. The longer you keep it on the whiter they get.

This is a Quick Guide to teach you how to whiten your teeth overnight.

The first thing you want to do is go and purchase a generic whitening gel. This will cost you about $40.00 but will be worth it in the short run and the long run.

All you need is a small bottle of CVS night time whitening gel. It is very small and about .32 ounces. Also make sure you have some waxed dental floss.

Now when you get home floss your teeth first. Then take the gel out and apply a film to each tooth leaving your mouth open and lips curled back for easy application. After all teeth are coated, inside and out , close your mouth and relax for about 5 minutes.

During this time, you will start to feel the urge to spit the gel out. Hold out if you can for the full five minutes. The longer you can wait, the whiter the teeth.

Now go ahead and spit out the gel and then proceed to brush your teeth with a toothpaste that has whitening on the label. Spend an extra amount of time brushing because now you have the whitening gel and toothpaste combined on your teeth.

When you finish brushing, rinse your mouth out really well. Rinse at least 4 times to completely remove all gel. Now turn on the light in the bathroom very bright and look at the difference! You will notice an immediate change in color.

In 2 hours repeat the above procedure to shorten the waiting time on making your teeth their whitest! Before you go to sleep repeat the procedure and in the morning follow the same procedure to clean and whiten your teeth!

Be prepared for the “Shock of your Lifetime” when you get your results!

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  1. I use the product ‘White-out’. No rinsing, no waiting, but soft stools will incur.

  2. What about whitening strips? Can you do anything with that?

  3. To answer the question in comment#2. I haven’t used whitening strips yet. I will try them in the future and write another article on that.

  4. Just throwing this out there:

    If you rinse with some hydrogen peroxide, it will whiten your teeth dramatically almost instantly. so if you follow these steps, but instead of rinsing with water you rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide, the results are mind-boggling. You can do almost twice the whitening, haha.

    The only precaution I suggest is that you make sure you have no cuts or scrapes in your mouth, including spots where you have bitten your tongue or cheek. If there is, there will almost surely be a fair amount of swelling in that area. IT goes away in a few hours, but it can be a little annoying.

    Just take care not to rinse for too long, and you should avoid that problem, even with some small cuts.

    But yeah, that DEFINITELY helps whiten them even more. It’s the base ingredient of all whitening products, and so, as you can imagine, the pure stuff whitens WAAAAAAAAAYYYY more powerfully than gels and the like.

  5. There is nothing more memorable than a bright white smile and if you offer such smile at a first impression then it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable impression. This ages junk and unhealthy food and drinks can leave your tooth stained and unhealthy which can make your tooth look older than their age. Such stains if not taken care of can take away your bright white smile and for your to get rid of such stains you will have to use teeth whitening products which can take lot of time to show some results but what if you want results fast? What if you have a date fixed or some other important event coming? If you are in that kind of situation then you might be looking for fast teeth whitening.

    Teeth whitening can reduce or completely remove stains that are hard to remove by a normal tooth brush. There are countless such teeth whitening products available and everyone of those advertise fast teeth whitening and super fast results but the truth is that there is that most of such claims are biased and not true.

    Products claiming fast teeth whitening such as whitening strips can take weeks to work and they need constant reapplication for them to be affective but teeth whitening kits which often include tooth whitening gel work must faster and some only require few days to be affective but they still cannot support their claim of super fast teeth whitening. So you may be asking what is the good method or product for fast teeth whitening?

    To be honest there are no over the counter products available that can produce results in hours or minutes as most of them claim. Best and only affective way to get fast teeth whitening is to get professional help or visit a dentist. Dentists are licensed professionals and are able to give stronger gel and they also have all the resources necessary to whiten your tooth in matter of hours. Such teeth whitening treatment although be very costly but it can provide very fast results.

  6. very nice. worked for me the first night. great job


  7. well if your teeth are not badly stained , a good whitening tooth past welll work just as wall and a tenth or more of the price!!!

  8. I have just a few questions.

    1. My teeth aren’t extremely discolored but they are more discolored than I’d like. So doing this process over a period of two hours will completely whiten my teeth? From discolored to bright-white in just 2 hours?

    2. My teeth are generally not sensitive but will this wear down my enamel? Will this process leave my teeth sensitive?

    3. How long does this whitening last? Permanently? As long as I brush, floss, and rinse regularly? This won’t just cover up or hide? Will it actually whiten my teeth?

    Answers to these questions would be EXTREMELY useful for me. Thankyou.

  9. I’ve been using a dollar store brand of tooth whitening gel I bought today, and it has already made my teeth quite a bit whiter. I’m not even kidding.

  10. To comment on #9: I bought some from the Dollar Tree in a small tube with a little clear mouth guard… Is that what you are talking about??? It didnt really work for me…

  11. Can Anthony Telles please answer the questions from KylePC on #8. This would help me a lot to know the answers to that thanks.

  12. Lots of Orbit Gum. A LOT!

  13. to comment on 9 & 10- I bought the same thing from Dollar Tree and it has worked wonders! I picked up some for stocking stuffers for my family too :) 10/10

  14. comment #2 i have used whitening strips and they weakend the enamel on my teeth plus they didnt work all that great

  15. Just have one question, why would i clean my mouth out with Hydrogen Peroxide? Isn’t that a bacteria killing substance for injurie’s such as a scrap,cut, or something? Wouldn’t the peroxide ruin anything in our mouth? I know it will clean the bacteria. But, seriously peroxide? That will really hurt.

  16. I used the gel with the clear mouth guard from dollart tree and it did work use baking soda and peroxide together when brushing teeth after it helps… crest white strips helped a little but it made my teeth extra sensitive

  17. Sorry for the delay. I have been very busy. To answer #8 by Kylepc, if your teeth are not that badly discolored, then you are way ahead of some others. The gel from CVS nightime really does work and I even used it during the day. The procedures that I wrote in this article above are exactly what I did. There was no sensitivity or enamel damage at all.

    For your teeth it will probably take 4 to 5 treatments which will only take two days. Spread out each treatment by at least 6 hours. If you brush regularly after the treatment and when drinking coffee you won\’t need another treatment for at least two years. If you drink a soymilk or milk with calcium, it will help provide calcium for the enamel as well.

  18. I’m with #16. Crest whiet strips made my teeth super sensitive and didn’t even make my teeth much whiter. It was a waste of money.


  20. Who does all that with the lights off?

  21. haha, i agree with #20

  22. hi can you recommend a whitening gel to buy? and where i can buy online? thanks!

  23. well, I have this sort of problem with my teeth. The problem being that whenever i chew gum (even sugarfree), I tend to get tooth discoleration/yellowishness (if that’s even a word…). Any way, will this help me whiten my teeth even if I chew gum, which is my whole life btw.

  24. Rembrant is amazing :] It’s a toothpaste. It’s six dollars and get the intense stain red one. It doesn’t harm your teeth, cause sensitivity or ruin enamel. I have gotten about five of my friends using it.

  25. And that goes to everyone.
    Avoid Coke and coffee especially. I switched from Coke to Sprite, it’s not as good but it is definately worth it. I mean not even one, I have gone four months without drinking Coke but if you do, brush afterward.

  26. Don’t Listen to this one, I have a cheaper one just type in

    Don’t go and waste your money on dental whitening or anything like that when you can get the same results with everyday house hold items.

    And you will have the shiniest smile



  27. My dentist overseas recommended adding a pinch of Baking Soda and Magnesium oxide with toothpaste. Any comments?

  28. @ fazgun –>

    baking soda and magnesium oxide will only damage your enamel. so i don’t really recommend it.

  29. i just did this.. but i rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and then used baking soda to brush with the tooth paste..

    my teeth are definitely whiter =D

  30. doesnt peroxide taste bad?

  31. stephen, peroxide does not hurt, ever. even on a bad scrape, it just bubbles and tingles, it doesnt hurt in your mouth either. fyi

  32. Where can i buy generic whitening gel at?

  33. The same thing happened to me. Although that was a couple of years ago I don’t know how much better it has gotten. But I wouldnt be too suprised if it didn’t work.

  34. is this only available in the US? I can only find it on the cvs website which doesnt ship to UK. help please

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