Medicinal Property of Nightmares

A thought provoking perspective behind one of the least needed part of our life.

The moment the word “nightmare” comes, a flash of most horrible situations comes to the mind. It will be safe to say that everyone one had their share of nightmares at some point of time. They have been considered unhealthy, associated with bad omens, mental weakness, stress, tension, depression, dark powers, etc. It has been always associated with negative things. Even, I was of same notion till recently. However, now I feel probably they might not be as bad as they appear. Probably, it is also a coin which has got a good side. I will give the reason for such change by explaining a recent incident which happened in my life.

Before I tell the incident, lets first ponder on few things which happens to you when you see a nightmare (mainly, physiological changes):

1) Heartbeat increases

2) Breathing rate increases

These, changes takes place because during nightmare, our brain perceives the virtual threat as the real threat and it triggers the danger signal to the body. Now, faster breathing rate and heartbeat will increase the blood flow.

Recently, I was suffering from severe cold and in addition I was pretty worried regarding my placements. So, one night I had some nightmare, in which I was running towards something and away from something. I was running extremely hard. i was running so hard that I started sweating in my bed at temperature of 15°C. In morning, when I was fully awake, I experienced a significant improvement in my condition. One of the logical explanation which comes to my mind is that the nightmare caused the increase in my blood flow. In one of my previous article “Permanent Prevention of Nose and Throat Problems” and many other studies claim that increase blood flow helps in increasing the immunity of the body (This is one of reason doctors advise people to do exercise). Now, this increase in immunity must have helped in accelerating my recovery from cold.

Although, there are lots of scientific studies which supports the negative side of nightmare, it will be interesting to see if nightmares have got anything positive to do like the one which I feel. One very vague answer could be that the intensity and timing of nightmare may play a crucial role. Just like fire, which if used in controlled manner can cook our food and in uncontrolled manner can burn us.

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